November 2009


Heys guys =)

WOW is it really Wednesday already?!? The week FLEW by!!! Midterms probably had something to do with that! Two Mid-terms later and im still alive SURPRISE SURPRISE! Good thing I didnt make any bets…  I would have been flat broke for thinking I was not going to make it out in one piece!!

On Thursday I had my Rhetorical Theory midterm which  was VERY difficult but it is a  VERY interesting. Then, I had my Mass Media Design Midterm in order to start my event filled weekend!

The Campus has been very spirited in order to support our football team and for Alumi weekend.

The game was very exciting!! My friends and I got decided to get decked out and cheer on our team on the sidelines. During half time the alumni hall of fame students were brought on to the field and introduced. It was so cute to see the older alumni who were grandmothers and grandfathers who came back!!! My friends and I began imagining what we were going to be like when we come back after thirty years!!!

My roommate participated in the once upon a weekend which was GREAT! There were plays that were put on and many accapella performances took place. There were members dressed up like teddy bears and T-Rex dinosaurs. VERY ENTERTAINING! Carmelle is apart of Momo & the COOP. They did so well!! My favorite was there rendition of “feeling good” but Michael Buble and  ”long time coming” by the Doobie Brothers. I was not able to get a recoding of it at their actual performance but you can check them out on their youtube page along with many of their other songs. 


The LC students and I got huge surprise in the dinner area on thursday when a large group of students came in dressed in Thriller costumes from Michael Jackson’s music video! It was HILARIOUS! everyone was in character and Matthew Rugamba danced lead in a red and black leather Jacket! It was simply priceless! 


 SONG OF THE WEEK: All We Are- Matt Nathanson


2 November 2009