November 2009

Getting Back into the Groove of things

Hello all =) 

 Well this week has been a lot better health wise. I have been eating  Vitiman C chewable tablets like skittles the past several days. I have been catching up on make up work but it is steadily getting better.  

Dance Extravaganza is creeping up on us. I cant believe its in a couple of weeks now!!! Tali worked us pretty hard today. We had rehersal for three hours and we still have a lot to cover. She already warned us that tomarrow is going to be pretty rough. I hope my legs will last, because at the end of today they felt like those blow up balloons that move in the wind at the car dealer! I am really looking forward towards the end result though. We will be able to see how this hard work will pay off!

 Today my rhetorical theory professor, Mitch Reyes,  canceled class  in order to attend a lecture so I was able to attend the sixth annual multicultural symposium.  I did not go last year so I was not sure what to expect. When I walked in, inspiring art filled the walls. I was also very impressed to see many student submission. One of which was my very own friend, Osabea. 

The panel discussion had very intriguing  speakers, who mainly spoke about cultural identity, specifically through adoption. 

Fortunatly the “mixted” multicultural fair will be going on for the rest of the week. I cant wait to hear the other speakers.

 The rain has officially made its welcome. To be honest I cant remember a day that it has not rained! Its actually kind of crazy! Kemi and I were thinking about it today at lunch and if we had to put our money on it we would say its been about two weeks…. What has been keeping me going is my chant. CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE!

Tomarrow is Mari’s birthday party which should be really fun! =) The party has a celebrity theme, so i decided that I am going to dress up like Beyonce in the Austin Powers movie! Cant wait!!



13 November 2009

Its not a miracle we needed…

What a week! So much has happened. I have turned in paper drafts, proposals, bibliographies and read oh so much, but I would have to say that the highlight would have to be the opening of Beckett(s). It was a pretty grueling process, getting everything organized for the play (since the ENTIRE theatre is the set), but in the end we got it all together. Opening night was a little rough, but I think it was just nerves and us adjusting to having a large audience. By Saturday, we really got into the groove of things and I am very excited for this weekend! Once again, if you are in town, you should definitely check out the show. It’s a great show and also would be a great way to see the college and the kind of creative vibe that makes campus such a vibrant community to live in. Here are some photos of some backstage shenanigans during Beckett(s).


American Gothic much?



Yeah, the make-up for this show is pretty intense…


            This week has been interesting for classes, but I would have to say that my favorite moments have been in Theatre and Society lately. At the moment, we have switched gears from learning about Greek tragedy and have now moved on to more theatre that was produced during the Middle Ages. Instead of gods and catharsis and fate, we have plunged into the world of strange pagan rituals and English mythologies such as St. George and the Dragon. It’s been giving me some pretty interesting ideas about what to do for a final project at the end of the semester. Anyone up to do a harvest antler dance? Maybe?

            Things are really starting to kick into high gear with classes. I need to really start cracking down on my final paper in Anthropology of the Body and really rehearse my directing scene at the moment. I am also waiting to hear back from some theatres that I have applied for internships for in London *fingers crossed*. I’ll let all of you know how they are doing as soon as they start getting off the ground, but until then stay tuned, and stay warm! It’s getting pretty cold up here!




Musical present of the week:


Warning: this song is EXTREMELY catchy. Enjoy!

12 November 2009

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Getting things in the mail is always a great thing, but when the thing you get in the mail is a pre-ordered CD that you forgot about, it is awesome!!  I had bought the new Switchfoot CD  switchfoot-hello-hurricane-album-cover.jpg when it went on pre-order, but I did not realize that it was coming so soon.  Unfortunately, my computer is being odd and it is not uploading the songs, or playing them for that matter.  I have about four successfully uploaded, but it makes a weird clicking noise when I try to play the CD.  Hopefully I will figure out why soon so I can listen to the rest of the songs!  Well that’s not true, I’ve heard most of them thanks to YouTube, but still.  Having them on my iPod will be much better.

I came to L&C not fully knowing what I wanted to major in, but seriously considering majoring in English and becoming an English teacher.  My mail box!While this track still sounds good, I am finding myself looking at the Religious Studies department more and more.  Through my Bible in Literature class and the reading of the Bible in my E&D and even through reading the Koran in Bible in Lit. it has sparked a new interest.  One field that I had never really thought I could study.  The other option that I’m considering is SOAN.  I took a Sociology class my senior year of high school and had a fantastic experience, so I am giving the Intro to Sociology class a shot next semester.  I have heard good things so far.  Plus, even if I am not interested in that as a Major after the class, just having taken the intro class allows me room to take higher level classes and some of them sound so interesting.

My potential class load for next semester looks like this:  Spanish 201, Intro to Sociology, the New Testament, and E&D.  My E&D is about “Exploring the Auditory Experience”.  I am very excited to take it – we have gone on tangents in my Bible in Lit. class talking about how oral culture has affected the writing of the Bible and the poetry relating to it.  It is a topic that I am interested in, but do not know how to explore.  But now I will have an entire class based on it!  I am so happy that worked out.  I really liked the sound of a lot of other E&D classes though, check them out here.

With all of this talk of schedules, of course the topic of studying abroad came up for my epic “four year plan”.  Here is my dream as of right now: study in Morocco the spring of my Sophomore year, spend that summer in Uruguay with some family friends (I haven’t confirmed this with them… but this is still in “dream” stage remember) and then study the fall of my Junior year in Valparaiso, Chile.  Mt. Hood from campus!I am not expecting this plan to remain concrete, but this is a vision.  The other option (in order to deal with the Spanish language requirements for studying in Chile) is to spend that Sophomore year slot in the Dominican Republic, which would also be awesome.  Ecuador, Vietnam, Cuba and China are also options… so where I go from here is still unclear.  But it is a very good problem to have.  Next step is to go talk to the Overseas department tomorrow and then talk to the parental units.  Also, it is so incredible to be surrounded by friends that have or will be studying abroad soon.  I cannot get enough of their pictures and stories.  Having a community that supports my desires to go abroad is making me even more excited.

 It was my friend Jen’s 21st birthday on Monday!  Happy Birthday Jen!  Carolyn made Jen a beard cake (cake decorated like a face with a giant beard - Jen really likes beards) and I went over to the Alder main lounge with a group of friends to celebrate.  Jen spent her birthday in meetings, in class, and doing homework.  I don’t think that that was how she was planning on spending her 21st birthday, but it was awesome to eat beard cake with her!

The papers that I have written this year have been about some of the most interesting things.  The prompt for my E&D paper was basically this: listen to two different recordings of the song “Amazing Grace” and, using the song and one or two of the books we have read, answer this question, “Is seeing a good thing?”  …ready, GO!  So I get to go anywhere I want within those guidelines.  I am using the history behind the song as well as the chord progressions within the song to support my thesis, along with text from the book Flatland.  Part of my And with that I am going to go to Copeland (my friend Kelsey is having a tea party) and then with some caffeine keep working on this paper.

I know this is college-searching season Seniors, so please, let me know if you want to talk about something other than colleges.  I mean it.  But, that said, I would be more than happy to converse about college, whether it be Lewis & Clark or not.



“We are once in a lifetime” -Switchfoot

12 November 2009

Raincoats and Recipes

Hey everyone, how is it going this week? Last weekend we had this crazy amount of rain. On Saturday morning it was bright and sunny at ten and then by 11 it was pouring. I thankfully was on a knitting club outing. We went to Michaels and this really cute knitting store to buy yarn. The ladies in the store were so nice to us, we were all mesmerized by the yarn ball winder (that is probably not what it is called but oh well). I got a couple of skeins of yarn to make a shawl (I think), hopefully it will take a while to complete so I will have something to take my mind off work.  When I got back my roommate was soaking wet. She is a tour guide and had to give a tour in the storm and ridiculously did not bring an umbrella. I have a piece of advice for you all, no one is too cool to use an umbrella, they keep you dry (and your clothes) and keep your books from getting soaked.  Were any of you here on Saturday for the Open House? It was a ‘perfect’ Portland day… But truly, if you were here, it usually does not rain that hard.
On Sunday I was really excited because I got all of my homework done on Saturday and my mom and my aunt came to visit me. It is nice to be able to get off campus and see the rest of Portland. We went and had lunch and went to some of the suburbs surrounding Portland and I finally bought a pair of rain boots. It is sad, but yes I have lived here for over a year and just now bought boots.
I am afraid that I have come down with a cold, the downside of living two feet away from another person is that when they get sick you are almost certainly going to get sick as well. I am pretty sure that I do not have the flu, as that would be really inconvenient but I feel sufficiently bad that I am about to go to bed and hopefully sleep for an eternity…or maybe 10 hours. Hope everyone is doing well!
PS. I thought I would give you a ‘tour’ of my dorm room in Stewart Hall. I live on the upper split which is the part of Stewart that connects to Odell.My bedBookshelf!

11 November 2009

Struck With the flu

 Hey guys

I wish I could say that this was a very exciting blog post today but unfortunately I can not make that promise.

 Last week I came down with the flu. =/

It was absolutely TERRIBLE! I felt like I was being trampled by all of the animals in the Lion King movie and my throat felt like Hudini put a fire breathing dragon in my throat!!

 My mom was super worried, like any mother would be. Except I was not expecting a million calls from China to make sure I was taking my vitamins and eating my vegetables. *sigh* moms. 

 This flu season is very serious and very worrying. We just had a graduate student pass away from sine flue.

 PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS EVERYONE!  Its suprprising how much of a difference just water and Vitman C can do to an unhealthy person

 Due to my doctors orders  of   self isolation I was not able to hit the town or any of the events at school. The only thing I know of  is the massive amount of work I will be making up this week. Missing any days in college is a BAD IDEA. All of my professors have been very understanding but the fact of the matter is, there is work to be done!

 Wednesday I will be filled with activities  and ready to report back to you. =)

 Song of the week: Get it together- India Arie 




9 November 2009

Holla,Ween! (and other things)

steph…as a sexy policewomanhalloween2.jpgivan the hamburglarbuster as an m&mthe housebecca and mejellyfish!table dancinglost high school girl who doesn’t know what to be for halloween?halloween13.jpg At last, the long-awaited Halloween post! I noticed that not many of fellow bloggers posted Halloween-related pictures. It’s quite disappointing…but don’t fret, I’m here to save the day. To recap last weekend: on Friday, my housemates and I went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends Tess, Nicco, and Eric. They always put on great parties because they live in a gigantic house that is very party-friendly. And for this party in particular, they made it even more party-friendly by covering their entire floor with black garbage bags. Geniuses!! To be honest, in my three years at LC, I have witnessed a growing trend of the parties getting rowdier and rowdier. Whether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know. Parties hardly define life at LC anyway; this post exists solely for the purpose of showing you guys how awesome this Halloween was. SO, back to the topic of Friday’s party. My housemates and I all dressed up: Ivan was a (ham)burglar, Ethan was a merchant from the 1800’s, I was a gangster thug, and Hiroshi, always creative, decided to go as the Homeland Security Alert. His costume featured various colors to show the different warning levels, with his head being the “red” since he gets the Asian Glow when he drinks alcohol (he’s 21.) Ivan’s girlfriend Steph went as a sexy policewoman.  The party was pretty fun. Lots of dancing and mingling, and things didn’t get too out of hand.

The real party, however, was at our house on Saturday night. And of course, being the creative college genius that I am (ha), I ditched the thug getup and went as a droog from the book/movie A Clockwork Orange. I wanna say I memorized a bunch of AMAZING lines from it, but I didn’t. But it didn’t matter, because there was very little actual talking at the party since there were like a gazillion people here. We ended up having to scheme to get people to leave the house because it was so over-capacitated. We turned off the music, turned on the lights, and made the party “exit-only.” Gradually people shuffled out, and while the dance floor still remained 100% full, it wasn’t nearly as crowed as before. And that’s when the fun started. The best part of the night (and my favorite thing about Halloween) was seeing all the costumes people came up. My favorite was the girl who dressed up as a jellyfish. There is a picture of it… awesome right?

This was also a really good week in terms of school work. We had an interesting discussion in my Global Inequality class about development in Losotho and came to the conclusion that the World Bank is evil. Plus, I got my Communication Technology & Society midterm back: 95% baby! It had been a while since I’d gotten such a high grade on a not-so-easy exam.

Onto more current times…. I spent the earlier part of tonight downtown with my good friends Becca and Yan. We grubbed on some sushi and had dark chocolate “shots” as dessert, and I captured some great footage for a mini-documentary I’m doing for the Communications department. It gives a little taste of what a Portland is like after the sun goes down. I’ll post it on here for you guys when I finish editing it.

I apologize for writing such a long entry… but I hope you had fun working through it.  It’s almost 10PM on a Friday night and there is a mahjong party in my living room that I probably should be getting to… so, until next time! As always, you can reach me at

6 November 2009

equal parts glorious and very, very stupid

Rachey’s pumpkin with its single snaggletoothThe butt of this pumpkin is what inspired me to carve it into the Eye of SauronPterodactyl/Triceratops vs. The Dinosaur Extinction. Any bets?Elmer’s glue is happy to help spike Mel’s hair for Hallowe’enit is possible that we got a bit too enthusiastic with the shaving creamHenna application takes some serious concentrationRachey is destined to only ever have a segment of her face in the photos I takeAdrian designed it, I applied it to her arm.Kris Tea’s pile of adopted booksTHE GREAT EYE… LIDLESS…. WREATHED IN FLAME!My friends Jen and Nick as Luigi and MarioNewly bald Mel roasting a s’more in the Hartzfeld B fireplacesnack of the week - pomegranateGerman Club built a replica of the Berlin Wall, invited students to spray paint it, and they’ll tear it down next week on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the real Berlin Wall.our student body president loves his privacy, so Alex took down the curtains in his office while he’s out-of-state. Commence the coup!we staged a latex-based coup in the student body president’s office for Guy Fawkes Day.Tea discovery of the week - Chai Rooibos tastes exactly like baklava!
In collegeland, Hallowe’en on a Saturday translates to three whole days of tomfoolery – Friday and Sunday are not spared. Last year, Hallowe’en found me on a practically-deserted stretch of the Tanzanian coast, so my costuming was limited to what I could glean from my surroundings: seashells and palm tree bark and my trusty roll of duct tape enabled me to haphazardly dress as a hermit crab. Two years ago, when I was a first-year at LC, I skipped Hallowe’en in favour of homework. So this year, since it had been two years since my last proper Hallowe’en, I decided to do things right, despite being on duty. I got together with friends and carved pumpkins – mine was the Great Eye of Sauron. I also passed out tootsiepops to everyone I came across on campus, and I dressed as the Dinosaur Extinction for dinner and rounds. Six or seven people, independently of one another, took a good long look at my meteor hat, dinosaur-studded t-shirt, and ocean pants, and said, “Oh! I get it! You’re the Big Bang.” No. Wrong astrophysical occurrence.

My girlfriend Mel co-opted Hallowe’en as a last hurrah for her mohawk. She sculpted it into spikes for her pterodactyl/triceratops costume, and then, rather than simply wash the Elmer’s glue out at the end of the night, she chopped her spikes off with my scissors, and we shaved her head the rest of the way on Sunday. Bald. Like, with three straight-edge razors. (The razors didn’t survive the night.)

This week, the Womyn’s Center is hosting Love Your Body, Love Yourself week. Monday was Henna Night. I ended up sticking around for far too long, squeezing henna onto people. I did a tree for Rachey, a Mayan Tree of Life for Chris, and a pretty design for Adrian, who in turn did one on me. Wednesday night was a body-positive themed open mic in the Platteau, so I covered a poem called Instructions for a Body (warning: one inappropriate word in that video) by Marty McConnell. I couldn’t attend the events on Tuesday and Thursday, but I heard they were awesome.

Wednesday was my Crazy Person day. In my two classes, I had a Spanish composición and an annotated bibliography due; I also had my SAAB grant application to submit and three marathon-length meetings to attend. In my one hour of unstructured time, I sat down and figured out the next four months of my life. Next semester, if all goes well during course registration next week, I will be taking Intro to Queer Studies, Gender in Relational Communication, Women in American Religious History, and whatever PE class I can fit around those courses. Engage excitement now.

The Gender Studies Symposium had our four-hour-long fall semester meeting, at which we assembled the symposium schedule to actually start looking like a fully-fledged event. The fun part of the meeting (besides the catered South Asian buffet) was titling all the panels we had just assembled. I think my favourite panel title is She Blinded Me With Science: Women and Girls in Science. We are not above cheesyness, and I respect that.

Last night, Acabrella (the A Cappella Union) hosted a concert in the Co-op. The place was stuffed and the lights were low. Darkness factor: The Darkest. Just keep that in mind when you watch the videos I recorded of Section Line Drive performing Chicago, The Merry Weathers performing The Sound of Silence, and Momo and the Coop performing a gospel-ish hymn called Freedom is Coming. Our newest a cappella group, The Ravine Academy, debuted with Tainted Love and Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay. My friend Jonah Luke performed a couple of his songs between sets too – you can listen to (and download!) his singing-songwriting goodness at his website here.

In keeping with my tradition of being a Crazy Person, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year – that’s National Novel Writing Month, and it is equal parts glorious and very, very stupid. The goal is to write 50,000 words, roughly a short novel, during the calendar month of November. Since I don’t want to compromise my RA job or my studies, and I also got a late start, I am only aiming for 10,000 words by November 30th, which is totally doable. That breaks down to just over 333 words per day. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo before, although I’ve wanted to since sometime in middle school when I first found out about it, so I am extra excited. Several of my friends at LC are doing it too, but most of them are hardcore non-wimps and are doing the full 50,000.

I just got back from the girls’ volleyball game against Linfield College. I’m not sure where my voice went, but I’m sure it helped us win all three games. My friend Lou did some spectacular dives, and Kat (who is 6′3”) is the queen of spikes. It was such a dynamic game – the teams were well-matched. I had never been to a volleyball game at LC before, and I loved how much fun it was to watch.

Okay, roll those questions on over to my inbox at and I will answer all your questions in nearly novel-length fashion.

P.S. - Super special secret: hover over the photos on the right. I always include a little bit more information in the alt-text banners.

6 November 2009

Poetry in Autumn

On Tuesday my RA, Carolyn and I made pumpkin bread which was definitely the highlight of my week.  My Mom sent me a mix from Trader Joe’s and some white chocolate chips, and when combined they are simply amazing.  My favorite though is when you heat up the bread a little bit and then eat it with peanut butter and honey.  So good!!dscn0116.JPG


Chase Twitchell is going to do a reading tonight in the Manor House.  This is awesome because 1. Any excuse to go into the Manor House is a good one 2. We read a few of her poems for my Poetry class, and I really like her poetry 3. Poetry to me is extremely personal, regardless of the subject of the poem.  Every poem has hundreds of stories or meanings behind it, and to hear the original author present the work and then give some background is always a treat. 


As you all know, Halloween was last weekend!  This was the first Halloween that I haven’t trick-or-treated.  Yes, I trick-or-treated in High School, and it was awesome.  This year I borrowed Karen’s shark-towel-thingy to be a shark, and Maggie painted the backs of my hands like a mouth, uvula and all.  When I put my hands up on my face it looked like a shark’s mouth.  I thought it was pretty clever, especially when I spent no money on my costume.  Carolyn was on duty, so I hung out with her and helped her prepare for the party in Stewart.  I crushed peanuts and Oreo’s with a Wolfgang Puck Soup can for carmel apples, and there were pumpkins to carve – it was a great party.  I then went to hang out with my friend Jen because she was on duty in Forest.  All around it was a great night.


On the homework front everything is pretty mellow.  I have one paper going for E&D and another will come soon for Bible in Lit, but right now it is nice to have a sort of break.  Saying that, I know that a flood of homework will be coming shortly, so I am enjoying this time and relaxing. Also, time off does not mean that I am not doing anything, there is still homework every night, but just not as much.


I’m off to Agape, my scarf is almost done and Mt. Hood was out two days in a row!!  dscn0248.JPGAs always, let me hear your musings.


Have a great week,



“There must be chaos in one’s soul to birth a dancing star”dscn0118.JPG


5 November 2009

The breath is daffodil…

An interesting week, this past one has been, the first highlight probably being Halloween. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m not very good at this holiday. I used to come up with really creative costumes with my mom when I was a kid, but I haven’t come up with any exciting costumes since college. Too busy, I guess. This year was no exception. It had been a long day until that evening anyway because I had tech rehearsal for the play I am in. For those of you who don’t know what tech rehearsal is, it is a very long run-through of the play where the lights and sounds that the crew takes care of are introduced to the rehearsal process. The first rehearsal where these elements are incorporated is often a very long day of starting and stopping; starting and stopping. Levels need to be adjusted, volumes need to be changed and transitions need to be made solid. For as extensive and tedious this day usually is, it is the gigantic dramatic step that brings the play to life. It is the day that the acting and technical sides of the theatre come together and begin to create the spectacle that the audience will see. Since I am in fairly small shows, tech was not nearly as long as it has been for other plays that I have been in. In a way, it felt that I was leaving rehearsal early when it was done and I had the rest of the day to either think of a costume or do homework. I chose homework. I eventually decided that I would dress nicely and whenever anyone asked what I was for Halloween, I would wittily reply that I had “dressed up.”

                Later that evening, I went to a concert for a band on campus that my friends Will, Ethan, Nate and Simon had formed called Bella Novella. They have a really good sound and have just started to try and get their music off campus by contacting some venues around town to play in. Fingers crossed that they get a show by the end of the semester! Here is a link to their website; you should check them out (! The concert featured a lot of new music and some great and innovative covers which caused the concert to turn into a large dance party. It was really fun to see other people’s costumes; my friends Branden and Will dressed up as Marty McFly and the Doctor from Back to the Future (they would), Holly was Carmen San Diego (it was so perfect), Kristin was Lady Gaga (it took me two full minutes to recognize her), Jess was Goldfinger (as in the golden *middle* finger), Grace was the green fairy (complete with an empty absinthe bottle) and my friend Ryan was Allen Ginsberg (English major…). After the concert was over, I headed over to a friend’s birthday party, and along the way I acquired a Halloween costume. My friend and fellow theatre major, Erin, found me and said that she was sad that I was costume-less. However, she mentioned that she just happened to have a back-up costume in the back of her car (of course). When I finally arrived I was either Holden Caulfield from “Catcher in the Rye” or Elmer Fudd. It was open to interpretation. The birthday party was really nice and I got to see a bunch of people that I hadn’t seen lately due to massive amounts of homework and copious hours spent in the theatre. Overall, it was a really lovely Halloween. I even got some sleep!

                Naturally, once Halloween is over, things shift straight into Christmas mode everywhere you go. It is always so surprising how fast everything moves, especially during the school year. I can’t believe that this semester is coming to a close soon and a new year will be starting soon. As Christmas approaches, usually the first thing to change is my singing repertoire in all of the vocal groups I am a part of. Everything goes completely Christmas, and this year for choir, we are doing something very special. For years, my family has had a multitude of Christmas musical traditions, and one of the biggest ones is listening to the Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols. To my surprise, this year our choir director chose this particular piece to sing for the end of the semester concert this year. She is even going to hire a harpist for the occasion! I can barely wait to learn this piece of music that has been a part of my family for such a long time.

                Well, I’m afraid that this is all I will be able to write to you this week. This past week and the next couple to follow are going to be absolutely crazy because the play OPENS TOMORROW (*breathe*).  I think we are ready and I’m excited for people to see us. If you are near LC or plan to visit this weekend or next weekend, you should try and see it. The performances will all be at 7:30 on the 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th and 14th of November. The box office is open from 1:00-5:00 Monday through Friday, so see the show if you can!

Until next week,



Musical present of the week: One of my favorite bands for the past few months.

5 November 2009

Haunted Leg

Hey Everybody, hope you all had a good Halloween! I had the lamest Halloween ever, my roommate went to a party, but I did not really want to go out so I stayed in my room and watch episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” I can’t decide if I love the show or hate it, but either way I am hooked.  I did not even get any candy, oh well, I am thinking about going to Fred Meyer tomorrow and getting some candy for myself (and some note cards). Although Halloween is over I thought I would share a few of the “ghost stories” floating around campus. In Akin (the International themed dorm) apparently Mrs. Akin (who donated the money for the dorm) does not like boys very much because they are messy so she goes around and organizes your room for you when you are not around (wouldn’t every one want this ghost around—I would love someone to clean my dorm room for me). A second story revolves around Stewart, the dorm where I currently reside, and a live in nurse from the 50s….But I think that I will leMore Fall leavest you read that one in this old edition of the Pio-Log (the school paper)
I still get a little bit scared some nights when my roommate is out late…
I had a pretty quiet weekend, other than Halloween I just lazed around my room doing homework and catching up on TV shows. Things are really ramping up in terms of school work. I am finally getting started on my big project for Historical Materials, I am looking at letters sent between the foreign affairs minister’s of Mexico and the US before the Texas Revolution. While it is probably only interesting to me, I am getting excited (and a little intimidated) about the research. Last week I literally sat down in the middle of this aisle with the books on Texas and stared for a few minutes trying to decide where to start. Eventually I went and asked the Reference Librarian for some advice. The Reference Librarians are really helpful, they can help you find books you are looking for, or tell you were to find certain databases, one even helped me find how to cite this obscure source for my rRocky Horroresearch paper last year. It is nice to know that there is someone to help you so you don’t just stand staring at the books with a deer in the headlights look!
I am looking forward to this weekend, the first weekend in a while were I won’t have to write two papers and I am excited about having time to sleep in a little bit. Winter is officially here as daylight savings time has ended and it is getting dark really early, but I guess that just means more cups of hot chocolate for me, I am thinking about heading down to the study break in Stewart, hot chocolate and “Finding Nemo” sounds more fun than reading about the comparative method. Well that’s all for this week, and don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

4 November 2009