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Dear Time,

Please slow down.

Sincerely yours,


a viewthe housedeers!ethan and bellabella and busterfattyon a walkwalk 2hahahahNo seriously. I want this semester to slow down. It is already after Thanksgiving and I feel like it’s been less than a month since my very first blog post all the way back in the beginning of October. What is it that they say? That time flies when you’re having fun? Oh right… I think by having fun they really meant ‘working hard.’ Next week I have an exam on Monday, a paper due on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday, and another exam on Friday. Oh and three other papers to write for the week after. Plus a whole bunch of internship application deadlines to meet. Oh, and final exams. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage my time really really really well and the next two weeks will go by smoothly. I’ve done it before… and I’ve also failed at managing time. When it comes to this sort of thing I’m very 50/50. But this time I’m not just going to try, because that’s just setting yourself for failure. I’m going to do it, with the help of my awesome day-planner, which is possibly one of my most prized possessions…ever. And it only cost $2.99. Get one.

I’m also thinking of applying to be the forum editor for the Piolog. I engage in fair bit of magazine reading in my spare time… with Esquire being my favourite. The articles in it are always well-written, semi-witty, and speak to my interests. I like that it doesn’t focus too much on ridiculously priced designer fashion like GQ, or tips on how to be a burly, burly man like Maxim (by having a lot of sex and/or drinking a lot of beer, preferably doing both at a bar). Although, my subscription to Blender did recently convert itself to Maxim after Blender went out of business. So maybe someone’s trying to tell me something… but back to my interest in Piolog. I have a few interesting ideas that I think Piolog should adopt, for example, a tongue-in-cheek “how-to” guide on how to fit in at LC… ha.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My housemates and I went down to Ethan’s house in Days Creek, OR, which is about 4 hours away from Portland. Ethan’s parents cooked up a delicious Thanksgiving meal and I was very thankful for their hospitality.  I am also thankful for a few special people in my life, as well as these things: my mom, Erik, food, shelter, clothing, Adam Lambert’s new CD, and the many opportunities I was born into/given/stumbled upon. I have it pretty good, and I hope by next time this year, those who currently aren’t as fortunate will have turned their fortunes around, and I’ll have acquired the ability to compose coherent sentences.

For now, I leave you with pictures from our trip to Days Creek.

P.S. Did you know that Obama went to China last week? Well he did, and he straight up told Premier Hu to cool it with the Internet censorship.


28 November 2009