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There’s the Rub

Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I am the last soul on campus right now. It is 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and most people have left for home or their friends’ houses by now. I am going home, but my brother isn’t here yet so I thought I would take a minute to catch you up on the happingings at Lewis and Clark. Last weekend was really fun, the College’s annual semi-formal “Fall Ball” was held on Saturday at the Crystal Ballroom. The Crystal Ballroom is a really cool venue. The floor kind of bounces and when you get a whole bunch of people all jumping at the same time you can really get some air! It was fun to have a chance to get all dressed up and Anne Dancinggo dancing. A bunch of my friends from my Ballroom class were there so Ballroomwe had fun trydscf1564.JPGing to modify some of the dances to fit the music (although swing dancing and rap will rarely work).  I also attempted to do some blues dancing, but I am not very good at it. I do ballet, so anything as free form as blues dancing is really hard for me. But it was fun getting to dance with a good lead because I did things I never thought I would have been able to (like dips and crazy spins). The only downside to Fall Ball was that I did not get back until 1 in the morning and then my roommate and I decided we had to soak our feet ( I always regret wearing my heels to those things!) and watch Project Runway. We got a little bit outraged at the results of Project Runway and had to contain our anger so as not to violaThe Crystal Ballroomte quiet hours (as it was 2 o’clock).After dance blues!

Other than Fall Ball I have been working really hard to get all of my final projects done before reading days. I feel like the end of the semester is about to jump out and say ‘boo,’ it will be here before  I know it. Well, I better go and finish packing, I have to decide how ridiculous it is to bring home my laundry in a collapsable laundry basket (Ok it is really ridiculous, but I don’t know what else to use?!). Hope everyone has a great holiday and survives the last rush before Christmas!


25 November 2009