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O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum…

Hey guys!

It’s been a while but I have a lot to tell you all about!


This past week was the closing of Beckett(s). Overall, the final few performances went really well and everyone who saw the plays really thought that the show was interesting and innovative. On the final day, our wonderful director (Stephen Weeks) and his family invited the whole cast and crew to his house for an afternoon party complete with amazing food and games. There was a beautiful tomato tart that was served along with vegetarian enchiladas, two salads and a SCHMORGASBOARD of cookies. It was lovely.


 Erin Dees and Lily!


Two of my favorite people in one photograph!


The games that were played ranged from Sorry! to Cranium to single-most extensive game of Twister that I have ever played in my life. It was just me and Terry (a cast member from Play) competing for about twenty minutes straight. We moved, we balanced, we bent ourselves into really strange positions and we eventually settled on a truce. It was pretty epic.


Later that night everybody reconvened for strike (the dismantling of the set). It was an…interesting experience. I thought taking down a set in ONE place was comprehensive. Wait until you take down EIGHT sets all over the theatre. I was pleased that we got out before one, though.

Now that the play is over, I have a lot more free time. Having my nights now crammed with rehearsals is beginning to harbor me with the sensation that I am constantly being late for something. Even though I am sad about the play being over, I really do need more time to focus on schoolwork now that final papers and projects are starting to be due. I have a gigantic final paper due in Anthropology of the Body, a whole scene and extensive prompt-book due for my Directing class, a 20 minute creative project due for Theatre and Society, and a large group project where we need to do an extensive outline and explanation of a big theory of our choosing for Social Theory. ALSO, I have been obsessively applying for volunteer positions for theatres in London. I just sent out a batch of 20 e-mails this week, fingers crossed that someone will respond!

This past week has been really intriguing, academically. This Thursday, I revived my love of field-work by advancing my research for my project in Anthropology of the Body. My project centers around the study of food photography and culinary journalism and how it is affecting the relationship people have with their food. As a step to understanding food photography more, I ended up interviewing people at a photo studio. That day was my lucky day, because they were photographing chocolate, burgers and beer! Everyone was so eager to show me how everything worked and everyone was interested in answering my questions. I had several wonderful conversations with photographers, food stylists, random interns and the resident chef (who worked for Chez Panisse in the past!!!). All in all, it was an extremely successful field day and I feel ready to pump out my rough draft of the paper!

My first showing of my scene was also this week, and I must say that it went pretty well. We’ve been hard pressed to find time that all three of us could rehearse (myself, as well as both of my actors were participating in Beckett(s)), so when we did have time, we worked really hard. I am happy to say that all of our hard work really paid off. The scene had a great progression of story and emotion and it was FUNNY. I was so relieved that people were laughing at my scene. Having your work as a director appreciated by an audience is even more satisfying in certain ways than the appreciation through being an actor. We still have a ways to go in regards to finishing and polishing the scene, but I am very confident that it will turn out great. I’m pretty excited to see the final product. Maybe if this website posts videos I could film and post my scene for you guys to see! Who knows…

This weekend was a great weekend for the Lewis and Clark Music Department, because the first opera that the department has done in many years was performed this weekend. The tale of Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell was the opera of choice: a lovely show about love, fate and anguish. It is also strangely appropriate that the department do the story of Dido and Aeneas since it is one of the capstone pieces of literature that all freshman read in their Exploration and Discovery classes. EVERYONE in the audience knew the story, which made it easier to focus on the impressive vocal performances put on by students from the vocal department and others who just really enjoy singing. It was an impressive show and had many surprises in both seeing people I didn’t know could sing opera really SING opera along with staging and set design. The Music Department and the cast and crew should be very proud of their work and operatic theatre should have much more of a presence on campus and with the success and turnout of Dido and Aeneas, it is likely that it will.

Well, I need to go and do some more reading and A LOT more writing.

Hope you are all well and STAY WARM!




Musical present of the week:


An exquisite rendition of one of the pieces that we will be singing for our winter concert in Cappella Nova by one of my favorite choral composers, Morten Lauridsen.


23 November 2009