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the last spoonful of the semester

click to read itthis is the library, aka where I lived this weekmy workspace often includes miso soup. I took this photo with one paragraph to go!
As the semester drags itself closer to Finals, I spend more and more of my time in the library. I have very scientifically graphed my relationship to library time as it correlates to the progression of time and posted it to the right. The library is a really great place to focus, as long as I turn off the internet switch on my laptop. Thanks to some extended library time this week and a moderate amount of caffeine, I managed to finish my first final paper of the semester, and even got to bed before 2am the night before it was due. It felt so good to turn it in yesterday! To reward us all for working so hard on our final papers, our Astronomy professor put together a lecture primarily composed of beautiful photographs and video clips and containing absolutely zero mathematics.

Slam Poetry (and Anis Mojgani) always draws a huge crowdDerrick Brown, reading one of his poemsDoctor Dog, who looks disturbingly like Anis Mojgani in a hot dog suitAnis accompanying a poem with his pink ukeleleminiature piano the Elephant Engine guys played during their showSome of the titles of Athens Boys Choir’s pieces projected onto the screen that served as his backdropSomehow, this last spoonful of the semester is dense with performance poetry. On Tuesday, Elephant Engine High Dive Revival performed to a crowded and rowdy Council Chamber. Two of my favourite poets were in the lineup this year, Anis Mojgani and Buddy Wakefield, plus Derrick Brown and Mike McGee. The same four poets performed together at LC when I was a first-year, but they called themselves the Solomon Sparrow Electric Whale Revival then. They’re good with names. I shot two videos of Anis performing, one of the whole group, and one of Buddy. (Content/language of videos is not appropriate for all audiences. Send your kids out of the room.) One of the things I like about Buddy’s style is you can never tell when he begins a poem because he usually slips into it with a stream of banter, and then you’re halfway through the poem before you realise it’s a poem.

The very next day, Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir rocked the Trail Room with their hip-hop and spoken word madness. Since I brought them as “visiting scholars,” SAAB agreed to fund the workshop and performance, collectively called F to eMbody. What a great way to celebrate Trans Day of Remembrance. I took a completely ridiculous number of videos of these two dudes, and again with the language and content warning. But if you’re okay with some F-grenades, do definitely check out those videos. It was really cool to be the person who arranged and hosted that tour, because it meant I got to have dinner with two quasi-famous hip-hop artists, usher them to our library to use the internet, and just generally hang out with a couple of chillers doing the work of social and political change. The workshop and show inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing, the creative arts stuff and the LGBTQ advocacy stuff.

the kids in my hall like to play board games at 11pm on SundaysNext week, the Pincushion Orchestra is coming to campus for yet another dose of performance poetry, and then we have our last Slam of the semester following that. I wrote a new poem on Wednesday (it’s about beekeeping) that I might perform if I can get it suitably memorised in time.

Mel made Adrian a heart-shaped brownie cake for her birthday! It was delicious.Here’s my class lineup for next semester: Intro to Queer Studies, Gender in Relational Communication, Women in American Religious History, and Bowling. Yeah, Bowling. Oh hey there, final PE credit! I’m pretty stoked. It’s going to be a good semester.

Claire is licking icing off her fingers in the background. Happy birthday, Adrian!this is what our lounge looked like at midnight last night. Way to be studious, of our groundskeepers - like Hagrid! - working to dress our trees in their winter socksWe had a mix-up between the book store and our syllabus whereby my whole Anthropology of the Body class realised yesterday that none of us has the book we’re supposed to discuss on Monday. We all bought a different (although similarly titled) book back in September. Luckily, a few of us had put the correct book on hold through the library, and when our copies came in we requested that the librarians put them on Course Reserve, meaning any student who is in our class can check out the book for a maximum of two hours at a time. It will work out, but it sure is inconvenient! Luckily, mix-ups like that don’t happen very often.

Okay, my goal for the weekend is to get some sleep! I am ten thousand kinds of ready for Thanksgiving break. I get to go home and snuggle my dogs!

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20 November 2009