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When its Cold Outside

Hello everyone =)

Well the countdown till  Thanksgiving has officially started!!!!! My friends and I dont have a “normal” or “boring” countdown, we countdown with events =).  Iman and I started our daily work out to stay in shape for track season, which starts when we get back. *sigh* the first few work outs were such a killer! We both sounded pretty pathetic by the end with our desperate gasps for air!!

On Saturday  Tali held the annual hot chocolate milk  marshmallow party. Apart from being DELICIOUS, it officially kicked off our countdown. We felt like little kids again with our card game of “Go Fish” and Connect Four. The final event count will be this weekend for Fall Ball. We all had a blast last year and I was told it is going to be even better. It will be held at the crystal ball room again, which is a great venue. What will be different though is the invite of the grad students and an incorporation of a live band. The girls and I particularly like it because it gives a reason to get all dolled up =)

On Friday night I held the KLC Radio add party which went very well. The idea of the add party is  accomplish a couple things. The amount of DJs and board members at KLC Radio is quite large, so its important to have gatherings where everyone is together. It is vital to  give the opportunity for everyone to build a relationship. Another reason is for the DJs to expose themselves to different types of music and present the possibility of variety for their shows. Overall the add party went great, which I was very satisfied with. Next week the board members should be getting T-Shirts, which Tim Howe made!!! 

Today, Molly Hertz asked me to attend the “F Embody” event in the trail room. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about it because I had not heard of the performers. At the end I had absolutely nothing to worry about because the show was GREAT! Mayisha was in charge of the show so I am sure she will go in to GREAT detail, I will leave that up to her, but it was a great hip hop show!!


Song of the week: Gavins Song- Marc Broussard 



19 November 2009