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So when your brother calls you from home then there must be a good reason for it.  Just like all good little brothers, Garrett proceeded to tell me that he was going to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert.  Without me.  Because I’m in Oregon.  Thanks Garrett.

Despite that lovely phone call from home, my Dad (Along with significant-other Jennifer)  visited this past weekend!  It was definitely good to see them, but I think they needed to see me more than I needed to see them.  Not in a bad way, but I am settled and very happy here.  What was awesome was having the ability to show them around my new home and for them to meet my friends.  When they got here we camped out in Maggie’s Café for about three hours and a few friends came down.  When parents come to visit, then there is always a  FOOD aspect involved.  It is pretty wonderful.  At most of my meals at the Bon I am unintentionally a vegetarian.  Not like that is a bad thing, but I am used to more protein through meat sources in my diet.  We ate at Manzana Saturday night and I had a burger.  Dang it was wonderful – my first burger in three months.  The Trail Room does serve them, but I do not eat there much.  The second night we ate at Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille as suggested to me by Kelsey.  (Hint for anyone in the Lake Oswego/Portland area: this place is amazing!!)  I literally received half of a plate of meat.  Chicken to be exact, and it was so good!  This was the “small” plate by the way, and I should have had left-overs, but I ate it all.  Whoops. 


In the school realm of life things are getting busy.  Exquise Corpse Poem, as created by my classI have three papers that I am working on, all of which are about interesting things, but three papers = work!  And you know how in High School you could just kinda BS your way through papers because you already knew all of the information and you could just regurgitate it onto paper?  Well, I can’t do that anymore.  For example, in Exploration and Discovery I will be writing my final paper on prayer as it is portrayed in Genesis, Exodus and Matthew versus in the Aeneid.  I am looking forward to it very much, but again, lots of work will be going into that paper before writing it.  Thankfully I love the library here, so I am alright with spending many dscn0393.JPGextended hours in it. 

Quick side-note:  I was able to register for all of the classes I wanted to for next semester!  I have been so fortunate with that.  So I am signed up for: Spanish 201, Intro to Sociology, E&D, and The New Testament. 


One of the highlights of this week was last night’s poetry slam with the Elephant Engine High Dive Revival.  I saw fellow blogger Maisha there who was sitting in the very front, so hopefully her pictures are less blurry then mine – I’m sorry about that!  But it was an incredible performance.  I wish I could contain in words all of the emotion and passion those four men conveyed within their poems, but it would be impossible.  Slam poetry is a performance.  Many poems were read with music in the background.  Everything about the way each poem was presented allowed dscn0382.JPGthe audience to further connect with the poet and what he was saying.  Themes were many, varying from redemption to self-image.  But every single one was beautiful.  Please, if you are able, listen to poetry.  Not just read it, but listen to it.  When poetry is  verbalized it takes on a whole new life.  Watch THIS and THIS and take it in…

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“A poet should give to any nothing a local habitation and a name” -Shakespeare 

18 November 2009