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Back in the Saddle Again

Hi everybody, happy almost Thanksgiving! Well, that’s what I am really looking forward to. I am trying to get all caught up on my homework this weekend so I don’t have to tote home my 3,000 page Norton Anthology of English Literature and huge Political Science textbook. Last week was so terrible. I got sick on Wednesday and had a terrible cold all weekend making it very difficult for me to want to do my homework. (this is not advised, especially at the end of the semester when the big final projects start piling up). This week is definitely looking up though. On Friday is the Wind Symphony Concert. I play the flute and we are playing a really fun concert accompanying a couple of soloists and playing an arraignment of English Folk Songs. Saturday night is Fall Ball, our big fall semester event. Once again the event is being held at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown which is really cool. The floor kind of bounces when you dance on it. This year they are really taking it to the extreme with a Dj and a live band. Hopefully it will be a fun time, a chance to get dressed up and forget about all the homework for a while. On Sunday there is a performance of the opera Dido and Aeneas (based on the Aeneid which everyone reads in Exploration and Discovery their freshman year) which I will hopefully have time to attend.
Since I brought it up, perhaps I will share a little bit about the required first year course Exploration and Discovery (or E&D if you are in the know, or Ed if you are my roommate and I). Everyone reads essentially the same texts in the first semester that usually include the Bible,  Descartes, Plato, The Aeneid, Galileo, and Frankenstein. While it may not sound that exciting, each professor usually adds a couple of books around the theme of their section of E&D. My class was called Wisdom and Folly and we read the strangest book ever called  The Ice Storm, but it was interesting to talk about. In the spring semester teachers choose their topics and their can be some pretty odd offerings. The strangest I have heard of was Vamps and Vampires, but others include Civil Liberties, Understanding the Maya, Books and Brooks and a lot of others that I cannot remember at the moment. E&D is not as painful as it might sound, it also is a great topic of conversation when you get bored.   Hope this has been a little informative, next week I will have lots of fun to report back to you all as I won’t be stuck in bed all weekend. Stay healthy!
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18 November 2009