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Getting Back into the Groove of things

Hello all =) 

 Well this week has been a lot better health wise. I have been eating  Vitiman C chewable tablets like skittles the past several days. I have been catching up on make up work but it is steadily getting better.  

Dance Extravaganza is creeping up on us. I cant believe its in a couple of weeks now!!! Tali worked us pretty hard today. We had rehersal for three hours and we still have a lot to cover. She already warned us that tomarrow is going to be pretty rough. I hope my legs will last, because at the end of today they felt like those blow up balloons that move in the wind at the car dealer! I am really looking forward towards the end result though. We will be able to see how this hard work will pay off!

 Today my rhetorical theory professor, Mitch Reyes,  canceled class  in order to attend a lecture so I was able to attend the sixth annual multicultural symposium.  I did not go last year so I was not sure what to expect. When I walked in, inspiring art filled the walls. I was also very impressed to see many student submission. One of which was my very own friend, Osabea. 

The panel discussion had very intriguing  speakers, who mainly spoke about cultural identity, specifically through adoption. 

Fortunatly the “mixted” multicultural fair will be going on for the rest of the week. I cant wait to hear the other speakers.

 The rain has officially made its welcome. To be honest I cant remember a day that it has not rained! Its actually kind of crazy! Kemi and I were thinking about it today at lunch and if we had to put our money on it we would say its been about two weeks…. What has been keeping me going is my chant. CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE!

Tomarrow is Mari’s birthday party which should be really fun! =) The party has a celebrity theme, so i decided that I am going to dress up like Beyonce in the Austin Powers movie! Cant wait!!



13 November 2009