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Oh, the places you’ll go…

Getting things in the mail is always a great thing, but when the thing you get in the mail is a pre-ordered CD that you forgot about, it is awesome!!  I had bought the new Switchfoot CD  switchfoot-hello-hurricane-album-cover.jpg when it went on pre-order, but I did not realize that it was coming so soon.  Unfortunately, my computer is being odd and it is not uploading the songs, or playing them for that matter.  I have about four successfully uploaded, but it makes a weird clicking noise when I try to play the CD.  Hopefully I will figure out why soon so I can listen to the rest of the songs!  Well that’s not true, I’ve heard most of them thanks to YouTube, but still.  Having them on my iPod will be much better.

I came to L&C not fully knowing what I wanted to major in, but seriously considering majoring in English and becoming an English teacher.  My mail box!While this track still sounds good, I am finding myself looking at the Religious Studies department more and more.  Through my Bible in Literature class and the reading of the Bible in my E&D and even through reading the Koran in Bible in Lit. it has sparked a new interest.  One field that I had never really thought I could study.  The other option that I’m considering is SOAN.  I took a Sociology class my senior year of high school and had a fantastic experience, so I am giving the Intro to Sociology class a shot next semester.  I have heard good things so far.  Plus, even if I am not interested in that as a Major after the class, just having taken the intro class allows me room to take higher level classes and some of them sound so interesting.

My potential class load for next semester looks like this:  Spanish 201, Intro to Sociology, the New Testament, and E&D.  My E&D is about “Exploring the Auditory Experience”.  I am very excited to take it – we have gone on tangents in my Bible in Lit. class talking about how oral culture has affected the writing of the Bible and the poetry relating to it.  It is a topic that I am interested in, but do not know how to explore.  But now I will have an entire class based on it!  I am so happy that worked out.  I really liked the sound of a lot of other E&D classes though, check them out here.

With all of this talk of schedules, of course the topic of studying abroad came up for my epic “four year plan”.  Here is my dream as of right now: study in Morocco the spring of my Sophomore year, spend that summer in Uruguay with some family friends (I haven’t confirmed this with them… but this is still in “dream” stage remember) and then study the fall of my Junior year in Valparaiso, Chile.  Mt. Hood from campus!I am not expecting this plan to remain concrete, but this is a vision.  The other option (in order to deal with the Spanish language requirements for studying in Chile) is to spend that Sophomore year slot in the Dominican Republic, which would also be awesome.  Ecuador, Vietnam, Cuba and China are also options… so where I go from here is still unclear.  But it is a very good problem to have.  Next step is to go talk to the Overseas department tomorrow and then talk to the parental units.  Also, it is so incredible to be surrounded by friends that have or will be studying abroad soon.  I cannot get enough of their pictures and stories.  Having a community that supports my desires to go abroad is making me even more excited.

 It was my friend Jen’s 21st birthday on Monday!  Happy Birthday Jen!  Carolyn made Jen a beard cake (cake decorated like a face with a giant beard - Jen really likes beards) and I went over to the Alder main lounge with a group of friends to celebrate.  Jen spent her birthday in meetings, in class, and doing homework.  I don’t think that that was how she was planning on spending her 21st birthday, but it was awesome to eat beard cake with her!

The papers that I have written this year have been about some of the most interesting things.  The prompt for my E&D paper was basically this: listen to two different recordings of the song “Amazing Grace” and, using the song and one or two of the books we have read, answer this question, “Is seeing a good thing?”  …ready, GO!  So I get to go anywhere I want within those guidelines.  I am using the history behind the song as well as the chord progressions within the song to support my thesis, along with text from the book Flatland.  Part of my And with that I am going to go to Copeland (my friend Kelsey is having a tea party) and then with some caffeine keep working on this paper.

I know this is college-searching season Seniors, so please, let me know if you want to talk about something other than colleges.  I mean it.  But, that said, I would be more than happy to converse about college, whether it be Lewis & Clark or not.



“We are once in a lifetime” -Switchfoot

12 November 2009