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Its not a miracle we needed…

What a week! So much has happened. I have turned in paper drafts, proposals, bibliographies and read oh so much, but I would have to say that the highlight would have to be the opening of Beckett(s). It was a pretty grueling process, getting everything organized for the play (since the ENTIRE theatre is the set), but in the end we got it all together. Opening night was a little rough, but I think it was just nerves and us adjusting to having a large audience. By Saturday, we really got into the groove of things and I am very excited for this weekend! Once again, if you are in town, you should definitely check out the show. It’s a great show and also would be a great way to see the college and the kind of creative vibe that makes campus such a vibrant community to live in. Here are some photos of some backstage shenanigans during Beckett(s).


American Gothic much?



Yeah, the make-up for this show is pretty intense…


            This week has been interesting for classes, but I would have to say that my favorite moments have been in Theatre and Society lately. At the moment, we have switched gears from learning about Greek tragedy and have now moved on to more theatre that was produced during the Middle Ages. Instead of gods and catharsis and fate, we have plunged into the world of strange pagan rituals and English mythologies such as St. George and the Dragon. It’s been giving me some pretty interesting ideas about what to do for a final project at the end of the semester. Anyone up to do a harvest antler dance? Maybe?

            Things are really starting to kick into high gear with classes. I need to really start cracking down on my final paper in Anthropology of the Body and really rehearse my directing scene at the moment. I am also waiting to hear back from some theatres that I have applied for internships for in London *fingers crossed*. I’ll let all of you know how they are doing as soon as they start getting off the ground, but until then stay tuned, and stay warm! It’s getting pretty cold up here!




Musical present of the week:


Warning: this song is EXTREMELY catchy. Enjoy!

12 November 2009