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Raincoats and Recipes

Hey everyone, how is it going this week? Last weekend we had this crazy amount of rain. On Saturday morning it was bright and sunny at ten and then by 11 it was pouring. I thankfully was on a knitting club outing. We went to Michaels and this really cute knitting store to buy yarn. The ladies in the store were so nice to us, we were all mesmerized by the yarn ball winder (that is probably not what it is called but oh well). I got a couple of skeins of yarn to make a shawl (I think), hopefully it will take a while to complete so I will have something to take my mind off work.  When I got back my roommate was soaking wet. She is a tour guide and had to give a tour in the storm and ridiculously did not bring an umbrella. I have a piece of advice for you all, no one is too cool to use an umbrella, they keep you dry (and your clothes) and keep your books from getting soaked.  Were any of you here on Saturday for the Open House? It was a ‘perfect’ Portland day… But truly, if you were here, it usually does not rain that hard.
On Sunday I was really excited because I got all of my homework done on Saturday and my mom and my aunt came to visit me. It is nice to be able to get off campus and see the rest of Portland. We went and had lunch and went to some of the suburbs surrounding Portland and I finally bought a pair of rain boots. It is sad, but yes I have lived here for over a year and just now bought boots.
I am afraid that I have come down with a cold, the downside of living two feet away from another person is that when they get sick you are almost certainly going to get sick as well. I am pretty sure that I do not have the flu, as that would be really inconvenient but I feel sufficiently bad that I am about to go to bed and hopefully sleep for an eternity…or maybe 10 hours. Hope everyone is doing well!
PS. I thought I would give you a ‘tour’ of my dorm room in Stewart Hall. I live on the upper split which is the part of Stewart that connects to Odell.My bedBookshelf!

11 November 2009