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Struck With the flu

 Hey guys

I wish I could say that this was a very exciting blog post today but unfortunately I can not make that promise.

 Last week I came down with the flu. =/

It was absolutely TERRIBLE! I felt like I was being trampled by all of the animals in the Lion King movie and my throat felt like Hudini put a fire breathing dragon in my throat!!

 My mom was super worried, like any mother would be. Except I was not expecting a million calls from China to make sure I was taking my vitamins and eating my vegetables. *sigh* moms. 

 This flu season is very serious and very worrying. We just had a graduate student pass away from sine flue.

 PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS EVERYONE!  Its suprprising how much of a difference just water and Vitman C can do to an unhealthy person

 Due to my doctors orders  of   self isolation I was not able to hit the town or any of the events at school. The only thing I know of  is the massive amount of work I will be making up this week. Missing any days in college is a BAD IDEA. All of my professors have been very understanding but the fact of the matter is, there is work to be done!

 Wednesday I will be filled with activities  and ready to report back to you. =)

 Song of the week: Get it together- India Arie 




9 November 2009