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steph…as a sexy policewomanhalloween2.jpgivan the hamburglarbuster as an m&mthe housebecca and mejellyfish!table dancinglost high school girl who doesn’t know what to be for halloween?halloween13.jpg At last, the long-awaited Halloween post! I noticed that not many of fellow bloggers posted Halloween-related pictures. It’s quite disappointing…but don’t fret, I’m here to save the day. To recap last weekend: on Friday, my housemates and I went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends Tess, Nicco, and Eric. They always put on great parties because they live in a gigantic house that is very party-friendly. And for this party in particular, they made it even more party-friendly by covering their entire floor with black garbage bags. Geniuses!! To be honest, in my three years at LC, I have witnessed a growing trend of the parties getting rowdier and rowdier. Whether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know. Parties hardly define life at LC anyway; this post exists solely for the purpose of showing you guys how awesome this Halloween was. SO, back to the topic of Friday’s party. My housemates and I all dressed up: Ivan was a (ham)burglar, Ethan was a merchant from the 1800’s, I was a gangster thug, and Hiroshi, always creative, decided to go as the Homeland Security Alert. His costume featured various colors to show the different warning levels, with his head being the “red” since he gets the Asian Glow when he drinks alcohol (he’s 21.) Ivan’s girlfriend Steph went as a sexy policewoman.  The party was pretty fun. Lots of dancing and mingling, and things didn’t get too out of hand.

The real party, however, was at our house on Saturday night. And of course, being the creative college genius that I am (ha), I ditched the thug getup and went as a droog from the book/movie A Clockwork Orange. I wanna say I memorized a bunch of AMAZING lines from it, but I didn’t. But it didn’t matter, because there was very little actual talking at the party since there were like a gazillion people here. We ended up having to scheme to get people to leave the house because it was so over-capacitated. We turned off the music, turned on the lights, and made the party “exit-only.” Gradually people shuffled out, and while the dance floor still remained 100% full, it wasn’t nearly as crowed as before. And that’s when the fun started. The best part of the night (and my favorite thing about Halloween) was seeing all the costumes people came up. My favorite was the girl who dressed up as a jellyfish. There is a picture of it… awesome right?

This was also a really good week in terms of school work. We had an interesting discussion in my Global Inequality class about development in Losotho and came to the conclusion that the World Bank is evil. Plus, I got my Communication Technology & Society midterm back: 95% baby! It had been a while since I’d gotten such a high grade on a not-so-easy exam.

Onto more current times…. I spent the earlier part of tonight downtown with my good friends Becca and Yan. We grubbed on some sushi and had dark chocolate “shots” as dessert, and I captured some great footage for a mini-documentary I’m doing for the Communications department. It gives a little taste of what a Portland is like after the sun goes down. I’ll post it on here for you guys when I finish editing it.

I apologize for writing such a long entry… but I hope you had fun working through it.  It’s almost 10PM on a Friday night and there is a mahjong party in my living room that I probably should be getting to… so, until next time! As always, you can reach me at

6 November 2009