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Rachey’s pumpkin with its single snaggletoothThe butt of this pumpkin is what inspired me to carve it into the Eye of SauronPterodactyl/Triceratops vs. The Dinosaur Extinction. Any bets?Elmer’s glue is happy to help spike Mel’s hair for Hallowe’enit is possible that we got a bit too enthusiastic with the shaving creamHenna application takes some serious concentrationRachey is destined to only ever have a segment of her face in the photos I takeAdrian designed it, I applied it to her arm.Kris Tea’s pile of adopted booksTHE GREAT EYE… LIDLESS…. WREATHED IN FLAME!My friends Jen and Nick as Luigi and MarioNewly bald Mel roasting a s’more in the Hartzfeld B fireplacesnack of the week - pomegranateGerman Club built a replica of the Berlin Wall, invited students to spray paint it, and they’ll tear it down next week on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the real Berlin Wall.our student body president loves his privacy, so Alex took down the curtains in his office while he’s out-of-state. Commence the coup!we staged a latex-based coup in the student body president’s office for Guy Fawkes Day.Tea discovery of the week - Chai Rooibos tastes exactly like baklava!
In collegeland, Hallowe’en on a Saturday translates to three whole days of tomfoolery – Friday and Sunday are not spared. Last year, Hallowe’en found me on a practically-deserted stretch of the Tanzanian coast, so my costuming was limited to what I could glean from my surroundings: seashells and palm tree bark and my trusty roll of duct tape enabled me to haphazardly dress as a hermit crab. Two years ago, when I was a first-year at LC, I skipped Hallowe’en in favour of homework. So this year, since it had been two years since my last proper Hallowe’en, I decided to do things right, despite being on duty. I got together with friends and carved pumpkins – mine was the Great Eye of Sauron. I also passed out tootsiepops to everyone I came across on campus, and I dressed as the Dinosaur Extinction for dinner and rounds. Six or seven people, independently of one another, took a good long look at my meteor hat, dinosaur-studded t-shirt, and ocean pants, and said, “Oh! I get it! You’re the Big Bang.” No. Wrong astrophysical occurrence.

My girlfriend Mel co-opted Hallowe’en as a last hurrah for her mohawk. She sculpted it into spikes for her pterodactyl/triceratops costume, and then, rather than simply wash the Elmer’s glue out at the end of the night, she chopped her spikes off with my scissors, and we shaved her head the rest of the way on Sunday. Bald. Like, with three straight-edge razors. (The razors didn’t survive the night.)

This week, the Womyn’s Center is hosting Love Your Body, Love Yourself week. Monday was Henna Night. I ended up sticking around for far too long, squeezing henna onto people. I did a tree for Rachey, a Mayan Tree of Life for Chris, and a pretty design for Adrian, who in turn did one on me. Wednesday night was a body-positive themed open mic in the Platteau, so I covered a poem called Instructions for a Body (warning: one inappropriate word in that video) by Marty McConnell. I couldn’t attend the events on Tuesday and Thursday, but I heard they were awesome.

Wednesday was my Crazy Person day. In my two classes, I had a Spanish composición and an annotated bibliography due; I also had my SAAB grant application to submit and three marathon-length meetings to attend. In my one hour of unstructured time, I sat down and figured out the next four months of my life. Next semester, if all goes well during course registration next week, I will be taking Intro to Queer Studies, Gender in Relational Communication, Women in American Religious History, and whatever PE class I can fit around those courses. Engage excitement now.

The Gender Studies Symposium had our four-hour-long fall semester meeting, at which we assembled the symposium schedule to actually start looking like a fully-fledged event. The fun part of the meeting (besides the catered South Asian buffet) was titling all the panels we had just assembled. I think my favourite panel title is She Blinded Me With Science: Women and Girls in Science. We are not above cheesyness, and I respect that.

Last night, Acabrella (the A Cappella Union) hosted a concert in the Co-op. The place was stuffed and the lights were low. Darkness factor: The Darkest. Just keep that in mind when you watch the videos I recorded of Section Line Drive performing Chicago, The Merry Weathers performing The Sound of Silence, and Momo and the Coop performing a gospel-ish hymn called Freedom is Coming. Our newest a cappella group, The Ravine Academy, debuted with Tainted Love and Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay. My friend Jonah Luke performed a couple of his songs between sets too – you can listen to (and download!) his singing-songwriting goodness at his website here.

In keeping with my tradition of being a Crazy Person, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year – that’s National Novel Writing Month, and it is equal parts glorious and very, very stupid. The goal is to write 50,000 words, roughly a short novel, during the calendar month of November. Since I don’t want to compromise my RA job or my studies, and I also got a late start, I am only aiming for 10,000 words by November 30th, which is totally doable. That breaks down to just over 333 words per day. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo before, although I’ve wanted to since sometime in middle school when I first found out about it, so I am extra excited. Several of my friends at LC are doing it too, but most of them are hardcore non-wimps and are doing the full 50,000.

I just got back from the girls’ volleyball game against Linfield College. I’m not sure where my voice went, but I’m sure it helped us win all three games. My friend Lou did some spectacular dives, and Kat (who is 6′3”) is the queen of spikes. It was such a dynamic game – the teams were well-matched. I had never been to a volleyball game at LC before, and I loved how much fun it was to watch.

Okay, roll those questions on over to my inbox at and I will answer all your questions in nearly novel-length fashion.

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6 November 2009