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The breath is daffodil…

An interesting week, this past one has been, the first highlight probably being Halloween. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m not very good at this holiday. I used to come up with really creative costumes with my mom when I was a kid, but I haven’t come up with any exciting costumes since college. Too busy, I guess. This year was no exception. It had been a long day until that evening anyway because I had tech rehearsal for the play I am in. For those of you who don’t know what tech rehearsal is, it is a very long run-through of the play where the lights and sounds that the crew takes care of are introduced to the rehearsal process. The first rehearsal where these elements are incorporated is often a very long day of starting and stopping; starting and stopping. Levels need to be adjusted, volumes need to be changed and transitions need to be made solid. For as extensive and tedious this day usually is, it is the gigantic dramatic step that brings the play to life. It is the day that the acting and technical sides of the theatre come together and begin to create the spectacle that the audience will see. Since I am in fairly small shows, tech was not nearly as long as it has been for other plays that I have been in. In a way, it felt that I was leaving rehearsal early when it was done and I had the rest of the day to either think of a costume or do homework. I chose homework. I eventually decided that I would dress nicely and whenever anyone asked what I was for Halloween, I would wittily reply that I had “dressed up.”

                Later that evening, I went to a concert for a band on campus that my friends Will, Ethan, Nate and Simon had formed called Bella Novella. They have a really good sound and have just started to try and get their music off campus by contacting some venues around town to play in. Fingers crossed that they get a show by the end of the semester! Here is a link to their website; you should check them out (! The concert featured a lot of new music and some great and innovative covers which caused the concert to turn into a large dance party. It was really fun to see other people’s costumes; my friends Branden and Will dressed up as Marty McFly and the Doctor from Back to the Future (they would), Holly was Carmen San Diego (it was so perfect), Kristin was Lady Gaga (it took me two full minutes to recognize her), Jess was Goldfinger (as in the golden *middle* finger), Grace was the green fairy (complete with an empty absinthe bottle) and my friend Ryan was Allen Ginsberg (English major…). After the concert was over, I headed over to a friend’s birthday party, and along the way I acquired a Halloween costume. My friend and fellow theatre major, Erin, found me and said that she was sad that I was costume-less. However, she mentioned that she just happened to have a back-up costume in the back of her car (of course). When I finally arrived I was either Holden Caulfield from “Catcher in the Rye” or Elmer Fudd. It was open to interpretation. The birthday party was really nice and I got to see a bunch of people that I hadn’t seen lately due to massive amounts of homework and copious hours spent in the theatre. Overall, it was a really lovely Halloween. I even got some sleep!

                Naturally, once Halloween is over, things shift straight into Christmas mode everywhere you go. It is always so surprising how fast everything moves, especially during the school year. I can’t believe that this semester is coming to a close soon and a new year will be starting soon. As Christmas approaches, usually the first thing to change is my singing repertoire in all of the vocal groups I am a part of. Everything goes completely Christmas, and this year for choir, we are doing something very special. For years, my family has had a multitude of Christmas musical traditions, and one of the biggest ones is listening to the Benjamin Britten Ceremony of Carols. To my surprise, this year our choir director chose this particular piece to sing for the end of the semester concert this year. She is even going to hire a harpist for the occasion! I can barely wait to learn this piece of music that has been a part of my family for such a long time.

                Well, I’m afraid that this is all I will be able to write to you this week. This past week and the next couple to follow are going to be absolutely crazy because the play OPENS TOMORROW (*breathe*).  I think we are ready and I’m excited for people to see us. If you are near LC or plan to visit this weekend or next weekend, you should try and see it. The performances will all be at 7:30 on the 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th and 14th of November. The box office is open from 1:00-5:00 Monday through Friday, so see the show if you can!

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Musical present of the week: One of my favorite bands for the past few months.

5 November 2009