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Poetry in Autumn

On Tuesday my RA, Carolyn and I made pumpkin bread which was definitely the highlight of my week.  My Mom sent me a mix from Trader Joe’s and some white chocolate chips, and when combined they are simply amazing.  My favorite though is when you heat up the bread a little bit and then eat it with peanut butter and honey.  So good!!dscn0116.JPG


Chase Twitchell is going to do a reading tonight in the Manor House.  This is awesome because 1. Any excuse to go into the Manor House is a good one 2. We read a few of her poems for my Poetry class, and I really like her poetry 3. Poetry to me is extremely personal, regardless of the subject of the poem.  Every poem has hundreds of stories or meanings behind it, and to hear the original author present the work and then give some background is always a treat. 


As you all know, Halloween was last weekend!  This was the first Halloween that I haven’t trick-or-treated.  Yes, I trick-or-treated in High School, and it was awesome.  This year I borrowed Karen’s shark-towel-thingy to be a shark, and Maggie painted the backs of my hands like a mouth, uvula and all.  When I put my hands up on my face it looked like a shark’s mouth.  I thought it was pretty clever, especially when I spent no money on my costume.  Carolyn was on duty, so I hung out with her and helped her prepare for the party in Stewart.  I crushed peanuts and Oreo’s with a Wolfgang Puck Soup can for carmel apples, and there were pumpkins to carve – it was a great party.  I then went to hang out with my friend Jen because she was on duty in Forest.  All around it was a great night.


On the homework front everything is pretty mellow.  I have one paper going for E&D and another will come soon for Bible in Lit, but right now it is nice to have a sort of break.  Saying that, I know that a flood of homework will be coming shortly, so I am enjoying this time and relaxing. Also, time off does not mean that I am not doing anything, there is still homework every night, but just not as much.


I’m off to Agape, my scarf is almost done and Mt. Hood was out two days in a row!!  dscn0248.JPGAs always, let me hear your musings.


Have a great week,



“There must be chaos in one’s soul to birth a dancing star”dscn0118.JPG


5 November 2009