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Haunted Leg

Hey Everybody, hope you all had a good Halloween! I had the lamest Halloween ever, my roommate went to a party, but I did not really want to go out so I stayed in my room and watch episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” I can’t decide if I love the show or hate it, but either way I am hooked.  I did not even get any candy, oh well, I am thinking about going to Fred Meyer tomorrow and getting some candy for myself (and some note cards). Although Halloween is over I thought I would share a few of the “ghost stories” floating around campus. In Akin (the International themed dorm) apparently Mrs. Akin (who donated the money for the dorm) does not like boys very much because they are messy so she goes around and organizes your room for you when you are not around (wouldn’t every one want this ghost around—I would love someone to clean my dorm room for me). A second story revolves around Stewart, the dorm where I currently reside, and a live in nurse from the 50s….But I think that I will leMore Fall leavest you read that one in this old edition of the Pio-Log (the school paper)
I still get a little bit scared some nights when my roommate is out late…
I had a pretty quiet weekend, other than Halloween I just lazed around my room doing homework and catching up on TV shows. Things are really ramping up in terms of school work. I am finally getting started on my big project for Historical Materials, I am looking at letters sent between the foreign affairs minister’s of Mexico and the US before the Texas Revolution. While it is probably only interesting to me, I am getting excited (and a little intimidated) about the research. Last week I literally sat down in the middle of this aisle with the books on Texas and stared for a few minutes trying to decide where to start. Eventually I went and asked the Reference Librarian for some advice. The Reference Librarians are really helpful, they can help you find books you are looking for, or tell you were to find certain databases, one even helped me find how to cite this obscure source for my rRocky Horroresearch paper last year. It is nice to know that there is someone to help you so you don’t just stand staring at the books with a deer in the headlights look!
I am looking forward to this weekend, the first weekend in a while were I won’t have to write two papers and I am excited about having time to sleep in a little bit. Winter is officially here as daylight savings time has ended and it is getting dark really early, but I guess that just means more cups of hot chocolate for me, I am thinking about heading down to the study break in Stewart, hot chocolate and “Finding Nemo” sounds more fun than reading about the comparative method. Well that’s all for this week, and don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

4 November 2009