November 2009

Dear Time,

Please slow down.

Sincerely yours,


a viewthe housedeers!ethan and bellabella and busterfattyon a walkwalk 2hahahahNo seriously. I want this semester to slow down. It is already after Thanksgiving and I feel like it’s been less than a month since my very first blog post all the way back in the beginning of October. What is it that they say? That time flies when you’re having fun? Oh right… I think by having fun they really meant ‘working hard.’ Next week I have an exam on Monday, a paper due on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday, and another exam on Friday. Oh and three other papers to write for the week after. Plus a whole bunch of internship application deadlines to meet. Oh, and final exams. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage my time really really really well and the next two weeks will go by smoothly. I’ve done it before… and I’ve also failed at managing time. When it comes to this sort of thing I’m very 50/50. But this time I’m not just going to try, because that’s just setting yourself for failure. I’m going to do it, with the help of my awesome day-planner, which is possibly one of my most prized possessions…ever. And it only cost $2.99. Get one.

I’m also thinking of applying to be the forum editor for the Piolog. I engage in fair bit of magazine reading in my spare time… with Esquire being my favourite. The articles in it are always well-written, semi-witty, and speak to my interests. I like that it doesn’t focus too much on ridiculously priced designer fashion like GQ, or tips on how to be a burly, burly man like Maxim (by having a lot of sex and/or drinking a lot of beer, preferably doing both at a bar). Although, my subscription to Blender did recently convert itself to Maxim after Blender went out of business. So maybe someone’s trying to tell me something… but back to my interest in Piolog. I have a few interesting ideas that I think Piolog should adopt, for example, a tongue-in-cheek “how-to” guide on how to fit in at LC… ha.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My housemates and I went down to Ethan’s house in Days Creek, OR, which is about 4 hours away from Portland. Ethan’s parents cooked up a delicious Thanksgiving meal and I was very thankful for their hospitality.  I am also thankful for a few special people in my life, as well as these things: my mom, Erik, food, shelter, clothing, Adam Lambert’s new CD, and the many opportunities I was born into/given/stumbled upon. I have it pretty good, and I hope by next time this year, those who currently aren’t as fortunate will have turned their fortunes around, and I’ll have acquired the ability to compose coherent sentences.

For now, I leave you with pictures from our trip to Days Creek.

P.S. Did you know that Obama went to China last week? Well he did, and he straight up told Premier Hu to cool it with the Internet censorship.


28 November 2009

There’s the Rub

Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I am the last soul on campus right now. It is 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and most people have left for home or their friends’ houses by now. I am going home, but my brother isn’t here yet so I thought I would take a minute to catch you up on the happingings at Lewis and Clark. Last weekend was really fun, the College’s annual semi-formal “Fall Ball” was held on Saturday at the Crystal Ballroom. The Crystal Ballroom is a really cool venue. The floor kind of bounces and when you get a whole bunch of people all jumping at the same time you can really get some air! It was fun to have a chance to get all dressed up and Anne Dancinggo dancing. A bunch of my friends from my Ballroom class were there so Ballroomwe had fun trydscf1564.JPGing to modify some of the dances to fit the music (although swing dancing and rap will rarely work).  I also attempted to do some blues dancing, but I am not very good at it. I do ballet, so anything as free form as blues dancing is really hard for me. But it was fun getting to dance with a good lead because I did things I never thought I would have been able to (like dips and crazy spins). The only downside to Fall Ball was that I did not get back until 1 in the morning and then my roommate and I decided we had to soak our feet ( I always regret wearing my heels to those things!) and watch Project Runway. We got a little bit outraged at the results of Project Runway and had to contain our anger so as not to violaThe Crystal Ballroomte quiet hours (as it was 2 o’clock).After dance blues!

Other than Fall Ball I have been working really hard to get all of my final projects done before reading days. I feel like the end of the semester is about to jump out and say ‘boo,’ it will be here before  I know it. Well, I better go and finish packing, I have to decide how ridiculous it is to bring home my laundry in a collapsable laundry basket (Ok it is really ridiculous, but I don’t know what else to use?!). Hope everyone has a great holiday and survives the last rush before Christmas!


25 November 2009

O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum…

Hey guys!

It’s been a while but I have a lot to tell you all about!


This past week was the closing of Beckett(s). Overall, the final few performances went really well and everyone who saw the plays really thought that the show was interesting and innovative. On the final day, our wonderful director (Stephen Weeks) and his family invited the whole cast and crew to his house for an afternoon party complete with amazing food and games. There was a beautiful tomato tart that was served along with vegetarian enchiladas, two salads and a SCHMORGASBOARD of cookies. It was lovely.


 Erin Dees and Lily!


Two of my favorite people in one photograph!


The games that were played ranged from Sorry! to Cranium to single-most extensive game of Twister that I have ever played in my life. It was just me and Terry (a cast member from Play) competing for about twenty minutes straight. We moved, we balanced, we bent ourselves into really strange positions and we eventually settled on a truce. It was pretty epic.


Later that night everybody reconvened for strike (the dismantling of the set). It was an…interesting experience. I thought taking down a set in ONE place was comprehensive. Wait until you take down EIGHT sets all over the theatre. I was pleased that we got out before one, though.

Now that the play is over, I have a lot more free time. Having my nights now crammed with rehearsals is beginning to harbor me with the sensation that I am constantly being late for something. Even though I am sad about the play being over, I really do need more time to focus on schoolwork now that final papers and projects are starting to be due. I have a gigantic final paper due in Anthropology of the Body, a whole scene and extensive prompt-book due for my Directing class, a 20 minute creative project due for Theatre and Society, and a large group project where we need to do an extensive outline and explanation of a big theory of our choosing for Social Theory. ALSO, I have been obsessively applying for volunteer positions for theatres in London. I just sent out a batch of 20 e-mails this week, fingers crossed that someone will respond!

This past week has been really intriguing, academically. This Thursday, I revived my love of field-work by advancing my research for my project in Anthropology of the Body. My project centers around the study of food photography and culinary journalism and how it is affecting the relationship people have with their food. As a step to understanding food photography more, I ended up interviewing people at a photo studio. That day was my lucky day, because they were photographing chocolate, burgers and beer! Everyone was so eager to show me how everything worked and everyone was interested in answering my questions. I had several wonderful conversations with photographers, food stylists, random interns and the resident chef (who worked for Chez Panisse in the past!!!). All in all, it was an extremely successful field day and I feel ready to pump out my rough draft of the paper!

My first showing of my scene was also this week, and I must say that it went pretty well. We’ve been hard pressed to find time that all three of us could rehearse (myself, as well as both of my actors were participating in Beckett(s)), so when we did have time, we worked really hard. I am happy to say that all of our hard work really paid off. The scene had a great progression of story and emotion and it was FUNNY. I was so relieved that people were laughing at my scene. Having your work as a director appreciated by an audience is even more satisfying in certain ways than the appreciation through being an actor. We still have a ways to go in regards to finishing and polishing the scene, but I am very confident that it will turn out great. I’m pretty excited to see the final product. Maybe if this website posts videos I could film and post my scene for you guys to see! Who knows…

This weekend was a great weekend for the Lewis and Clark Music Department, because the first opera that the department has done in many years was performed this weekend. The tale of Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell was the opera of choice: a lovely show about love, fate and anguish. It is also strangely appropriate that the department do the story of Dido and Aeneas since it is one of the capstone pieces of literature that all freshman read in their Exploration and Discovery classes. EVERYONE in the audience knew the story, which made it easier to focus on the impressive vocal performances put on by students from the vocal department and others who just really enjoy singing. It was an impressive show and had many surprises in both seeing people I didn’t know could sing opera really SING opera along with staging and set design. The Music Department and the cast and crew should be very proud of their work and operatic theatre should have much more of a presence on campus and with the success and turnout of Dido and Aeneas, it is likely that it will.

Well, I need to go and do some more reading and A LOT more writing.

Hope you are all well and STAY WARM!




Musical present of the week:


An exquisite rendition of one of the pieces that we will be singing for our winter concert in Cappella Nova by one of my favorite choral composers, Morten Lauridsen.


23 November 2009

So I just got back from Fall Ball. What a wild night… this year’s event was definitely the biggest out of the four years I’ve been here. My roommate said it’s because of the changing demographics… with all the hippies slowly being phased out and the Abercrombie-wearing freshmen from SoCal slowly taking over. I don’t know if this is entirely accurate but there is definitely some truth in it. I didn’t mind at all; it’s more fun when people are up to date with the current music and can bust out from memory all the moves from Single Ladies… or at least attempt to. I was most definitely guilty of this tonight! Haha. I really went all out with my dancing, and I’m glad I did because it was probably my last school dance EVER.  It’s kind of surreal that I’m graduating in just a few months. Speaking of which, I’m going to spend all day tomorrow working on internship applications. Volunteering at the homeless feeding center really put things in perspective for me. Soon I will no longer be protected under the umbrella of education, and will have to face the harsh realities of the real world. To be honest, just thinking about it scares me. So let’s get back to the topic of Fall Ball. I was rushing when I left the house and forgot to bring my camera, but everyone else brought theirs so I’ll post some pictures when they get uploaded.fall ball awkwardness

This past week was kind of a blur. I celebrated my birthday on Thursday with some friends at this restaurant called Henry’s Tavern. The food there is moderately priced and fairly delicious, but the company of my friends was what really made the night for me. My mom sent me a card in the mail saying she wished I were home so she could make soup for me. I don’t know why I’m admitting this here, but her letter made me tear up a little. I miss her a lot, and can’t wait to go back in a month to see her and my 1-year old baby brother, Erik. I guess I’ll post some pictures of him. Who doesn’t like a cute baby?


Erik 2


Until next week!



22 November 2009

the last spoonful of the semester

click to read itthis is the library, aka where I lived this weekmy workspace often includes miso soup. I took this photo with one paragraph to go!
As the semester drags itself closer to Finals, I spend more and more of my time in the library. I have very scientifically graphed my relationship to library time as it correlates to the progression of time and posted it to the right. The library is a really great place to focus, as long as I turn off the internet switch on my laptop. Thanks to some extended library time this week and a moderate amount of caffeine, I managed to finish my first final paper of the semester, and even got to bed before 2am the night before it was due. It felt so good to turn it in yesterday! To reward us all for working so hard on our final papers, our Astronomy professor put together a lecture primarily composed of beautiful photographs and video clips and containing absolutely zero mathematics.

Slam Poetry (and Anis Mojgani) always draws a huge crowdDerrick Brown, reading one of his poemsDoctor Dog, who looks disturbingly like Anis Mojgani in a hot dog suitAnis accompanying a poem with his pink ukeleleminiature piano the Elephant Engine guys played during their showSome of the titles of Athens Boys Choir’s pieces projected onto the screen that served as his backdropSomehow, this last spoonful of the semester is dense with performance poetry. On Tuesday, Elephant Engine High Dive Revival performed to a crowded and rowdy Council Chamber. Two of my favourite poets were in the lineup this year, Anis Mojgani and Buddy Wakefield, plus Derrick Brown and Mike McGee. The same four poets performed together at LC when I was a first-year, but they called themselves the Solomon Sparrow Electric Whale Revival then. They’re good with names. I shot two videos of Anis performing, one of the whole group, and one of Buddy. (Content/language of videos is not appropriate for all audiences. Send your kids out of the room.) One of the things I like about Buddy’s style is you can never tell when he begins a poem because he usually slips into it with a stream of banter, and then you’re halfway through the poem before you realise it’s a poem.

The very next day, Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir rocked the Trail Room with their hip-hop and spoken word madness. Since I brought them as “visiting scholars,” SAAB agreed to fund the workshop and performance, collectively called F to eMbody. What a great way to celebrate Trans Day of Remembrance. I took a completely ridiculous number of videos of these two dudes, and again with the language and content warning. But if you’re okay with some F-grenades, do definitely check out those videos. It was really cool to be the person who arranged and hosted that tour, because it meant I got to have dinner with two quasi-famous hip-hop artists, usher them to our library to use the internet, and just generally hang out with a couple of chillers doing the work of social and political change. The workshop and show inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing, the creative arts stuff and the LGBTQ advocacy stuff.

the kids in my hall like to play board games at 11pm on SundaysNext week, the Pincushion Orchestra is coming to campus for yet another dose of performance poetry, and then we have our last Slam of the semester following that. I wrote a new poem on Wednesday (it’s about beekeeping) that I might perform if I can get it suitably memorised in time.

Mel made Adrian a heart-shaped brownie cake for her birthday! It was delicious.Here’s my class lineup for next semester: Intro to Queer Studies, Gender in Relational Communication, Women in American Religious History, and Bowling. Yeah, Bowling. Oh hey there, final PE credit! I’m pretty stoked. It’s going to be a good semester.

Claire is licking icing off her fingers in the background. Happy birthday, Adrian!this is what our lounge looked like at midnight last night. Way to be studious, of our groundskeepers - like Hagrid! - working to dress our trees in their winter socksWe had a mix-up between the book store and our syllabus whereby my whole Anthropology of the Body class realised yesterday that none of us has the book we’re supposed to discuss on Monday. We all bought a different (although similarly titled) book back in September. Luckily, a few of us had put the correct book on hold through the library, and when our copies came in we requested that the librarians put them on Course Reserve, meaning any student who is in our class can check out the book for a maximum of two hours at a time. It will work out, but it sure is inconvenient! Luckily, mix-ups like that don’t happen very often.

Okay, my goal for the weekend is to get some sleep! I am ten thousand kinds of ready for Thanksgiving break. I get to go home and snuggle my dogs!

Email me at after the beep.

20 November 2009

When its Cold Outside

Hello everyone =)

Well the countdown till  Thanksgiving has officially started!!!!! My friends and I dont have a “normal” or “boring” countdown, we countdown with events =).  Iman and I started our daily work out to stay in shape for track season, which starts when we get back. *sigh* the first few work outs were such a killer! We both sounded pretty pathetic by the end with our desperate gasps for air!!

On Saturday  Tali held the annual hot chocolate milk  marshmallow party. Apart from being DELICIOUS, it officially kicked off our countdown. We felt like little kids again with our card game of “Go Fish” and Connect Four. The final event count will be this weekend for Fall Ball. We all had a blast last year and I was told it is going to be even better. It will be held at the crystal ball room again, which is a great venue. What will be different though is the invite of the grad students and an incorporation of a live band. The girls and I particularly like it because it gives a reason to get all dolled up =)

On Friday night I held the KLC Radio add party which went very well. The idea of the add party is  accomplish a couple things. The amount of DJs and board members at KLC Radio is quite large, so its important to have gatherings where everyone is together. It is vital to  give the opportunity for everyone to build a relationship. Another reason is for the DJs to expose themselves to different types of music and present the possibility of variety for their shows. Overall the add party went great, which I was very satisfied with. Next week the board members should be getting T-Shirts, which Tim Howe made!!! 

Today, Molly Hertz asked me to attend the “F Embody” event in the trail room. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about it because I had not heard of the performers. At the end I had absolutely nothing to worry about because the show was GREAT! Mayisha was in charge of the show so I am sure she will go in to GREAT detail, I will leave that up to her, but it was a great hip hop show!!


Song of the week: Gavins Song- Marc Broussard 



19 November 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi everybody, happy almost Thanksgiving! Well, that’s what I am really looking forward to. I am trying to get all caught up on my homework this weekend so I don’t have to tote home my 3,000 page Norton Anthology of English Literature and huge Political Science textbook. Last week was so terrible. I got sick on Wednesday and had a terrible cold all weekend making it very difficult for me to want to do my homework. (this is not advised, especially at the end of the semester when the big final projects start piling up). This week is definitely looking up though. On Friday is the Wind Symphony Concert. I play the flute and we are playing a really fun concert accompanying a couple of soloists and playing an arraignment of English Folk Songs. Saturday night is Fall Ball, our big fall semester event. Once again the event is being held at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown which is really cool. The floor kind of bounces when you dance on it. This year they are really taking it to the extreme with a Dj and a live band. Hopefully it will be a fun time, a chance to get dressed up and forget about all the homework for a while. On Sunday there is a performance of the opera Dido and Aeneas (based on the Aeneid which everyone reads in Exploration and Discovery their freshman year) which I will hopefully have time to attend.
Since I brought it up, perhaps I will share a little bit about the required first year course Exploration and Discovery (or E&D if you are in the know, or Ed if you are my roommate and I). Everyone reads essentially the same texts in the first semester that usually include the Bible,  Descartes, Plato, The Aeneid, Galileo, and Frankenstein. While it may not sound that exciting, each professor usually adds a couple of books around the theme of their section of E&D. My class was called Wisdom and Folly and we read the strangest book ever called  The Ice Storm, but it was interesting to talk about. In the spring semester teachers choose their topics and their can be some pretty odd offerings. The strangest I have heard of was Vamps and Vampires, but others include Civil Liberties, Understanding the Maya, Books and Brooks and a lot of others that I cannot remember at the moment. E&D is not as painful as it might sound, it also is a great topic of conversation when you get bored.   Hope this has been a little informative, next week I will have lots of fun to report back to you all as I won’t be stuck in bed all weekend. Stay healthy!
Libbymy desk!

18 November 2009


So when your brother calls you from home then there must be a good reason for it.  Just like all good little brothers, Garrett proceeded to tell me that he was going to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert.  Without me.  Because I’m in Oregon.  Thanks Garrett.

Despite that lovely phone call from home, my Dad (Along with significant-other Jennifer)  visited this past weekend!  It was definitely good to see them, but I think they needed to see me more than I needed to see them.  Not in a bad way, but I am settled and very happy here.  What was awesome was having the ability to show them around my new home and for them to meet my friends.  When they got here we camped out in Maggie’s Café for about three hours and a few friends came down.  When parents come to visit, then there is always a  FOOD aspect involved.  It is pretty wonderful.  At most of my meals at the Bon I am unintentionally a vegetarian.  Not like that is a bad thing, but I am used to more protein through meat sources in my diet.  We ate at Manzana Saturday night and I had a burger.  Dang it was wonderful – my first burger in three months.  The Trail Room does serve them, but I do not eat there much.  The second night we ate at Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille as suggested to me by Kelsey.  (Hint for anyone in the Lake Oswego/Portland area: this place is amazing!!)  I literally received half of a plate of meat.  Chicken to be exact, and it was so good!  This was the “small” plate by the way, and I should have had left-overs, but I ate it all.  Whoops. 


In the school realm of life things are getting busy.  Exquise Corpse Poem, as created by my classI have three papers that I am working on, all of which are about interesting things, but three papers = work!  And you know how in High School you could just kinda BS your way through papers because you already knew all of the information and you could just regurgitate it onto paper?  Well, I can’t do that anymore.  For example, in Exploration and Discovery I will be writing my final paper on prayer as it is portrayed in Genesis, Exodus and Matthew versus in the Aeneid.  I am looking forward to it very much, but again, lots of work will be going into that paper before writing it.  Thankfully I love the library here, so I am alright with spending many dscn0393.JPGextended hours in it. 

Quick side-note:  I was able to register for all of the classes I wanted to for next semester!  I have been so fortunate with that.  So I am signed up for: Spanish 201, Intro to Sociology, E&D, and The New Testament. 


One of the highlights of this week was last night’s poetry slam with the Elephant Engine High Dive Revival.  I saw fellow blogger Maisha there who was sitting in the very front, so hopefully her pictures are less blurry then mine – I’m sorry about that!  But it was an incredible performance.  I wish I could contain in words all of the emotion and passion those four men conveyed within their poems, but it would be impossible.  Slam poetry is a performance.  Many poems were read with music in the background.  Everything about the way each poem was presented allowed dscn0382.JPGthe audience to further connect with the poet and what he was saying.  Themes were many, varying from redemption to self-image.  But every single one was beautiful.  Please, if you are able, listen to poetry.  Not just read it, but listen to it.  When poetry is  verbalized it takes on a whole new life.  Watch THIS and THIS and take it in…

Send me your words!

“A poet should give to any nothing a local habitation and a name” -Shakespeare 

18 November 2009

self-propelled exploration

Campus Safety officers let me engrave my laptop with their tattoo-gun-like engraving tools in exchange for Sunday s’mores
It’s the Tenth Week. That’s college-speak for burnout time. The last sprint of the semester is just a week stretch, a Thanksgiving break hurdle, and another week stretch, and then we’ll catapult right through the Final Exams finish line.

this is Sirius, courtesy of Google images, not my camerathis is also Sirius and he also lives in Google Images, but will not appear in my Astronomy paperit took forever to cut this out this stencil that I invented and then it was a little too big for the screen I usedMy first final paper (on the red controversy of Sirius) is due on Thursday next week in Astronomy, so I barricaded myself in the library for a five-hour stint on Tuesday to gather and read my sources. I was initially experiencing research turbulence, so I booked an appointment with one of our super helpful reference librarians, and she set me up with about twice as many sources as my paper actually requires. I got thoroughly acquainted with the Periodicals section of the library, and then went on a date with the photocopier machine. This weekend, I’ll be distilling all that research into a five-to-seven page paper that presents the evidence for several competing explanations for why the ancients recorded Sirius as reddish when today it is distinctly bluish.

It somehow turned out to be Craft Week in Maishaworld. Observe:

another student screenprinting a tentacley creature while my shirt dries on the floorthe finished product! I had to touch up some spots with a paintbrush.1. On Sunday, I abandoned homework for a few hours to attend a screenprinting workshop in the Co-op on campus. I whipped up a tea-based design, taped it to a window to trace it onto freezer paper, painstakingly cut it out with a combination of x-acto knife and kid scissors, taped it to the largest screenprinting frame the Co-op could muster, and squeegeed purple paint onto the screen, which transferred my design to my t-shirt. It was awesome! If I had an extra few weeks without homework, I would just screenprint t-shirts for everyone for Christmas. Since that’s not gonna happen, I hope everyone likes receiving hugs as gifts. College makes you money and time deficient.

my scarf is so finished it even has tassels!2. I finally finished my first scarf! I’ve graduated from scarves and now I’m starting in on my first hat. My knitting teacher, Kris Tea, says I’m getting good enough to be worthy of quality yarn; the yarn I’m using now is blue and fuzzy, and it’s a lot nicer than the stuff I used for my scarf.

my three-footed plaidypus3. I hand-sewed a plaidypus shirt! I am immensely pleased with this visual pun. The platypus was cut from a secondhand pair of plaid pyjama pants I picked up at the Goodwill Bins for the express purpose of this kind of crafting. Not-so-secretly, I hope to begin making things like this in some degree of quantity and selling my creations at the Co-op. Or Etsy. Winter break project, perhaps?

my button collection is constantly updating itselfGerardo Calderón, music-making while Nelda Reyes told a genesis storyThe three-day Annual Ray Warren Multicultural Symposium was this week! I really, truly loved this year’s theme, Mixed: The Politics of Hybrid Identities, because I feel like almost everyone feels a little mixed, no matter what they look like on the outside. Attending the panel Remix: Identities and Artistic Expression encouraged me to reflect upon how I stir, stitch, and spin my various identities into my creative pursuits. Of the panelists, I particularly enjoyed Leyendas de México, a storytelling/music-playing bilingual performance by two artists who emigrated from Mexico to the US a number of years ago. They said that they chose to perform legends in order to reconnect to their indigenous roots. Click for a video of their performance.

before the Race Monologuers entered the roomthe Race Monologues were funny, moving, sad, jubilant, personal, political - and mixed.I also attended the Race Monologues, which had so many people in attendance that it probably violated fire code – people were perched all around the periphery of the room because all the seats were full. The Race Monologues were born at LC six years ago by a student who wanted to participate in the Vagina Monologues but was barred on account of his gender (the Womyn’s Center at the time was not as inclusive as it is today) – so he created his own space where students of other marginalised demographics could speak about their experiences. The Race Monologues, unlike the Vagina Monologues, are written and performed by the participating students every year, so it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Although anyone and everyone can participate, the Race Monologues have always drawn a high proportion of participants of colour. I think it’s great, since people who have been systemically marginalised because of their race by a society still struggling toward equality need to have a space where they not only have a voice, but listners too. I loved every single monologue even more than I loved the three cups of hot apple cider I quaffed during the mingle-style social following the performance.

Nani (my grandma) sent me this excellent teapot yesterday just becauseif you get the chance to see this documentary, DO ITTonight is the last night of Beckett(s)! I saw it last Saturday with Mel. The whole stage is a world, it turns out – the performance was all over the theatre building, even in the men’s shower and the costume loft. The first hour was a confusing self-propelled exploration of a handful of shorts being performed all over the building simultaneously (I managed to see most of most of them), while the second hour was the regular sit-down style performance of End Game. I’m glad I had to read Waiting for Godot in high school, because it somewhat prepared me for the off-kilter nihilism of Samuel Beckett’s playwriting. I’m friends with several of the theatre people, and they insist that this production is haunted by Samuel Beckett’s ghost – they’re convinced that something catastrophic will transpire tonight at the dénouement of the show, since several things have already gone horribly wrong at almost every performance thus far. The night I saw Beckett(s), though, it was immaculate. If you’re in the Portland area, I definitely recommend you drive, bus, scooter, bike, or walk on over to Fir Acres Theatre. Just be prepared for a strange night of macabre humour, hopeless nonsensicalness, and ennui. Samuel Beckett wasn’t exactly the most cheery of playwrights.

And with that, it’s time I turn to the army of articles on my floor that all insist different reasons for Sirius’s alleged colour shift. Here’s my email address, you know what to do with it:


14 November 2009

A documentary, a concert, and some race monologues

 paradiso girlsshwayzeart piece from the multicultural symposium - asian?another art piece - ‘algerian-american gothic’the panelthe settlers of catan!

I. Remember the mini-documentary I filmed last Friday? Well I stayed up all night on Sunday editing it and here it is. I hope you like it.

Alright, apparently we can’t embed YouTube videos on this thing, so click here to watch it directly on YouTube (and watch it in HD if you can!)

 (A few notes: Bon is short for Bon Appetite, which is the company that runs all the food-related operations on campus, including the cafeteria. “The Raz” is the awesome shuttle that transports LC students from campus to downtown and back.)

II. On Monday, I went to the Party Rock Tour with Carina at the Hawthorne Theatre. The line-up included LMFAO, Shwayze, Far East Movement, The Paradiso Girls, and Space Cowboy (Lady Gaga’s DJ). I had wanted to go since I found out about it months ago but couldn’t find someone to go with until Saturday, two days before, which coincidentally was also when the show sold out. So I tried my luck and hit up Aria, the lead singer of the Paradiso Girls on Facebook (she added me as a friend a few months back because she liked a video I recorded of them performing at a club in West Hollywood). And what do you know? She put me on the guest list. Heeeck yea, and I recorded some videos (1234) and wrote a review of it for the PioLog, but unfortunately they were already full for this week, and it will be outdated by next week’s issue – so I’m just going to post an excerpt of it here:

Space Cowboy began the show with his hit “Falling Down,” which is sort of like a male reincarnation of “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. This is not a bad thing. Nor is it a coincidence; both songs are penned by the Swedish Grammy-winning producer RedOne. On stage, Space Cowboy goes for a minimalist feel: he is backed by a DJ and two half-clothed female dancers, one of whom seems to have an affinity for licking her index finger. (I counted five times.)

The night is not about asceticism, and who better to declare this than the Paradiso Girls, a group consisting of five girls of different geographic origins, and whose recent club hit “Patron Tequila” pairs a Lil-John produced bass line with these lyrics: Hey girl, where’s your drink/We can all get f—ked up tonight/By the end of the night I’mma have you drunk and throwing up. Adorned in so much shiny that you feel the need to wear shades, the girls put on a brassy performance of intricately-choreographed and high-energy electro-hip-pop songs, while simultaneously showing enough skin to rival the Pussycat Dolls.Yet despite the dubious couture, their Peaches-influenced “Who’s My Bitch?” (which samples the melody from the famous aria ‘Habanera’ from the opera Carmen) suggests that these girls  reject objectification and are proponents of girl-power: I’m not your bitch/I’m not your ho/Now give my heels a lick/And tell me, who’s my bitch? 

Entering the stage in gorilla suits and space helmets, with Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” blaring in the background, the boys of Far East Movement served up a doubleshot of energy with their unique electronica/funk/hip-hop style. Never mind that these guys have received the least amount of attention from mainstream media (several people I asked also had no idea who they were), shortly into their set it immediately became clear that they were here to rock, as iPhones were turned to standby, and couples making out untangled their tongues – the crowd was rendered physically unable to stand still…

 III. The rest of the week went by as usual. Classes were interesting, and I’m pretty sure I aced my Spanish exam. I also went to the health center to get a few things tested and I am all good to go. So I’m pretty psyched about that. J

IV. Tonight, I went to the Race Monologues It’s kind of like the Vagina Monologues, only the panelists are (mostly) ethnic minorities (at this school/in this country/in their country of origin/etc) and the topics discussed have to do with race and multiculturalism. It was started a few years back to give minorities at LC a venue to speak and apparently has gotten better with each year. This year’s theme was Mixed: The Politics of Hybrid Identities, and it was absolutely amazing. Some of the monologues were emotional, some were downright hilarious, and some could have written with a bit more care and understanding, but each was insightful in its own way.

V. After Race Monologues, I went to a friend’s apartment on campus to play this board game called The Settlers of Catan. It is simply brilliant and got me and all my housemates hooked. I have a feeling it will have a pretty major presence in this house in the next few weeks (Ivan is already planning on buying it tomorrow hahaha).

Phew. That’s all. I’m off to enjoy my weekend. I think I’m shooting a music video. And writing papers. And applying for internships for next spring. And brainstorming for my senior thesis, for which I’m contemplating doing a documentary. It will be a lot of work, but it sounds much more appealing than writing a 25-page literary synthesis. We’ll see.

14 November 2009