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What to write about this week? My dislike of cold weather? I feel like it has been so cold this week, even though it really isn’t, 50 and raining feels cold though.  I am sitting here at my computer shivering with socks a sweat shirt and a blanket on, I guess I could make hot chocolate, but that would be too much work. But back to something more interesting than my coldness.
Last weekend was crazy, my roommate and a friend and I went to a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday. I had never been before and must say I was really confused about all the random shouting at the screen. I can’t say that I am a big fan, but maybe if I watched the movie first I would have actually known what was going on. On Saturday I went to see Half Blood Prince which was playing on campus and I was really excited. It brought back all the happy memories of the Harry Ginny relationship and how much fun it was (and still is) to dissect every part of Harry Potter. Even if you don’t like HarMore LeavesrThe Grape Arbor by the Tennis Courtsy Potter it would be a good idea to read it, every one seems to have read it and it makes a good icebreaker during New Student Orientation so you don’t just end up watching TV instead of talking to your roommate.  Of course my friends and I ended up in the endless discussion of how unsatisfactory the climactic moment was, but oh well, it was nice to get to something other than write papers.
Speaking of papers, last week I was freaking out because I thought I had three papers due. One on TueFall!sday, one on Friday and then one next Monday. Well silly me, I thought that October was over already and then I realized on Saturday morning that in fact I only had one paper due! Yeah, so all of this panic and stress over nothing. OF course now that I have turned in my Plato paper I have to work on the others, but I had a much better weekend then I thought I was going to.
This week isn’t really looking up unfortunately. My huge Historical Materials project is looming on the horizon. I am working on editing a series of letters between US and Mexico before the Texas Revolution (Remember the Alamo!). It is interesting but a lot of work. This week I am having a little trouble matching my blog title (if the rest of you are not as big of fans of Gilmore Girls as I am, that’s were the titles are from), but I guess I just think it is fun!

28 October 2009