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It makes such an almighty sound…

This past weekend was a pretty full one, especially for the theatre and music department. To kick things off, Cappella Nova performed in the Rogers Concert last Thursday, a big event that happens every fall semester. We ended up singing most of the music that we had been working on during the fall to a packed auditorium. We started our set with “Country Dances” (one of the fastest songs I have ever sung in my life), “Fengyang Song” (the first Chinese song I have ever sung!), “Down In The River To Pray” (any “O Brother Where Art Thou fans out there?) and we ended our set with the powerhouse song “The Battle of Jericho” (Best. Tenor part. Ever.). After we were done, all of the other choirs who had performed in the concert joined us on stage and into the aisles with the audience to sing a beautiful arrangement of “Shenandoah.” It was the biggest choir I have ever sung in with a total of 140 people. It was pretty awesome, to say the least.

For the theatre side of things, something special happened last weekend. Once every semester there is a huge event that takes premise over everything, even the main-stage production it seems. It is a little something called Once Upon A Weekend. This special production LITERALLY takes place over the course of a weekend. The week before, a theme is released to campus and anyone is welcome to write a short play and submit it to see if it will be chosen: this semester’s theme was “Saboteur.” By Wednesday, the plays are chosen. On Thursday, the plays are assigned directors. On Friday, the plays are cast…randomly. And then on Saturday only have 2 hours with your director to go through the play and block it and make it as funny as you can before the plays go on that evening. It is absolute madness, but this is my fifth time to do it. You never know who you are going to be. Over the past two and a half years I have a been a guy with a parasitic girlfriend, a fairy godmother, an angel, a second grader, and this year I ended up being a crazed explorer trying to put the blame on everyone in my party beside myself for why our hot air balloon crashed. I got to be very emphatic and loud, overall, a really fun part. Some of the other plays featured were a farce on “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar,” a battle between pirates and ninjas (epic, I tell you), a Christmas photo set gone horribly wrong and a new take on the French revolution with the angry peasants being replaced by a horde of zombies. Something that made this Once Upon so important was that it was the tenth anniversary of the event and in celebration of this fact, the department decided to invite alumni back to write, act and direct. The audience and casts were crowded with many older and unfamiliar faces, but it made the experience much more wonderful. Many alumni from the department act professionally and it was really interesting to see them in their element. It was a wonderful night that I ended up leaving with new friends from.

Academically, this past week has been brutal. I have been in complete midterm mode studying hard for my Social Theory and Theatre and Society I tests. T&S is over, but I still need to power through the other.


With this I’ll leave you until next week. Hope you are all well.




Musical present of the week:


I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song for days. Enjoy!

28 October 2009