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in colour flux

autumn has arrived with a vengeanceremember the photo of the tree out my window? This is what it looked like upon my return from retreat. Startling!

stormy out our window, that’s Devil’s LakeAbby is actually the opposite of a troublemaker… she’s like a troubledestroyerwe made the letters on the bags in the car in about four minutes totallook what else we can spell! Appropriate, since Abby later concocted an apple pie and a pumpkin pieI enjoy wearing my footie pyjamas in public, people think I’m crazythanks for the facial hair, Collin!that’s a Starburstmy boss Liv grilled us all amazing things! (I’m the only vegetarian in the group; everyone else had steak.)Mel had the key to my room while I was gone, and I came back to 30-some notes hidden all over my room.Homecoming doughnuts! Despite the colours, they’re just icing-flavoured. I ate one of each.

Everywhere on campus smells disconcertingly like damp dog food. It took me a couple of days to figure out that it’s fertilizer – Palatine Hill is slowly changing green leaves into redorangeyellow leaves while the grass turns from brown to green. The whole place is in colour flux. Compare the photo on the right featuring the tree outside my window to this photo, taken just a few weeks ago.

Last weekend my RA staff team and I packed ourselves into three cars and zipped on over to Lincoln City for retreat. Our house was on a lake – like, on top of a lake. We had a hot tub and a boat house and a creepy mustachioed carved head. And so much spinach dip. We spent most of retreat doing homework, eating, skewering things and suspending them over the fireplace flames, eating said skewered things, and scattering our belongings throughout the entire rather sizable house. The internet taught me how to unwrap Starburst wrappers with my tongue (thanks internet!) so I’ve been practicing my newfound and very employable skill. On Saturday, dressed in black garbage bags decorated with orange electrical tape, we rolled on over to the football game against Linfield and cheered on our Pioneers. The moment we showed up our boys scored a touchdown, but we still lost spectacularly in the end. It was fun for everyone anyway. And of course, because we were wearing our super high-tech and patriotic raingear, it didn’t rain at all. I was even prepared for the cold with my zip-up onesie footie pyjamas! Weather:1. Me: 0

On Monday, my parents took me out for a fancy dinner at Andina, a Peruvian restaurant in the Pearl, to celebrate my 21st birthday. The waiter didn’t even card me when I ordered a Sacsayhuamán – the Americanised pronunciation of that is “sexy woman” and it’s got habañero peppers in it. I spent quite awhile trying to lick all the sugar off the rim between the various dishes we ordered over the course of the evening. All in all, I name the evening a success.

I whisked myself off to my Astronomy professor’s office this week. We discussed Hallowe’en costumes (I’m going as the dinosaur extinction), the Hadron Collider, and my research paper topic. I’m going to write my paper about the Red Controversy of Sirius – the star, not the animagus. (Although Sirius Black miiiiight be responsible for my interest in that particular star in the first place.) Wikipedia informs me that Ptolemy recorded several stars as distinctively red in colour, including Sirius. The thing is, Sirius is very obviously blue, although all those other stars are indeed reddish. So my research question is: was Ptolemy just crazy, or was there something different about Sirius at the time Ptolemy was marking his observations? We just had our Astronomy midterm yesterday, and it went mostly okay except when I got really stuck on one of the math questions. After 20 minutes of floundering and exuberant scribblings-out, I scrawled “okay, I give up” in the corner and handed in my exam. Afterwards, I whaled on some strike pads in Women’s Self Defense, and that made me feel a lot better. Punching inanimate objects is a good way to shake the angries.

Sacsayhuamán, passionfruit and habañero goodnessone of the fancy foods we ordered. It’s mostly quinoa.My dad and I look exactly alike, except he knows how to dress formal and I obviously don’t.It’s Homecoming Week. In honour of that, the College distributed 800 orange and black Voodoo doughnuts at the crack of early on Wednesday and 100 boxes of pizza at post-lunch-pre-dinner-time on Thursday. The pizza was gone in under half an hour – them kids be hungry! The various yet-to-come Homecoming events include a professional performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show; a Former Ghosts concert; back-to-back screenings of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; and of course the football game on Saturday.

I have collected quite an impressive amalgamation of exciting weekend plans. Guess you’ll have to wait till next Friday to find out what they are! I’ll cut you a deal: I’ll take on my To Do list so I can actually do fun things this weekend, and you work on flooding my inbox with questions,

23 October 2009