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80s Night

Hey guys,

This past week has been craaaaazy. I am so tempted to post a scan of my agenda so you guys can marvel at the monstrosity that is my week and laugh at my misery, but I have a habit of scribbling all sorts of inappropriate stuff all over my agenda when I’m bored in class. So you don’t get to see it. Anyway, there is still one more day before the week is over, and it’s going to be the most hectic of all; on the menu: midterm + exam + 2-page response paper. Fun!working itmore fun!team sexybirthday boy and his… 

Onto something that’s actually fun… Last week my buddy Alex turned 22, and to celebrate we went to Lola’s Room on Friday for the 80s Dance Party (every Friday, FYI). Let me tell you….it was happening (or is it hopping?? whatever you cool kids are saying nowadays)!! People in their 30s with voluminous 80s hair, people in their 40s wearing nothing at all, and even a few people in their 50s doing their best to keep up with the ‘Thriller’ choreography.  Okay, no one was naked. And I made that last part up, but from the cool costumes, to the endless ridiculous music videos from the 80s on the big screens, to forming a circle to let the cool kids get in the middle to do their thing…I ended up having a great time, as did everyone else! It’s a great distresser from a hectic week filled with school work.

I came across this awesome quote the other day and wrote it down, but without a commentary. I am almost for certain I had something awesome to say about it, but I can’t remember… shoot.

“If culture happens to be what seizes your soul, you will have to recognize that you will always be working in an area of displacement.” – Stuart Hall (aka the Mac Daddy of Communication/Culture Studies).

So… try not to let culture seize your soul.


Write down all the awesome stuff that randomly pops into your head.

22 October 2009