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photo-119.jpg Hey guys! 

I am sorry if you missed me last week. I pushed save instead of publish so my blog was not uploaded on to the website!! Its okay though, because now you get two blogs in one week! LUCKY YOU!!

I am still pretty crazed due to midterms, but it is getting leveled out with amazing speakers coming to LC, which enables me to escape a bit. This week women from the Congo came to speak on campus.   photo-117.jpg

I am apart of the L.E.A.D program which brings perspective students to campus. This weekend I hosted two girls,  Jamila and Gloria who were great “prospies”.  They arrived on Sunday.  I met them in Frank Manor,  then went straight to dinner. We were able to really  get to know eachother and get through the first ice breaker. I think they were a little intimidated in the beginning  because they were not ready for the BIG personalities of my friends.  But they quickly warmed up and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I did not really see the girls  on Monday because their schedules were hectic with activities from LC and interviews. Tuesday I was able to spend  more time with them before they had to leave in the evening. I miss them already!! I hope to see them next year!!     photo-10.jpg

Its crazy to think how fast this year is going by. I am already thinking about my semester abroad next year I London meanwhile it feels like I just turned in my application for Lewis & Clark yesterday!!!




 SONG OF THE WEEK: Brand New Day- Joshua Radin 

 Till next blog =) 


21 October 2009