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Leaves = slippery when wet

So finally Portland has begun to exhibit the characteristic that I was warned about, the rain.  I must admit though, right now I really enjoy it.  Maybe after a few months I’ll change my mind, but currently it is very refreshing.  The air is so clear and it seems like everything is vivid green - when nature gets a constant drink of water it certainly likes to show off.  Even this morning at 5:15 rushing to the Crew vans, when it was pouring, it wasn’t terrible.  Rowing in the rain was quite the experience though, but as a team I feel like the combination of waking up at 4:50, pouring rain, and this being our last week together for the fall season truly made us all come together.  This morning, despite being SOAKED and cold was fantastic.  Two cups of hot chocolate at breakfast definitely helped.

While I’m talking about crew I should tell you all that the regatta this past Saturday in Tacoma was fantastic!  We didn’t win any Regattaraces, but as a team we won.  What I mean by that is by experiencing what a race truly is (for 4 of the Varsity rowers, including me, this was our first race!) we now have a platform to build off of for this Sunday’s race, and also we kept up a great morale and had fun.  I also got to see my friend Erica!!  She goes to Pacific Lutheran in Tacoma, so she decided to bring herself and five friends - in Kayla and Erica reunited in Tacoma!the picture I am to the left and she is the next one to my right with the awesome rain boots.  I am thinking I might need to purchase some of those…

This week feels like a cool-down week.  Last week was so crazy with papers, tests and of course, homework.  There’s always homework.  But this week I am managing to have time to nap and knit between things instead of squeezing in every minute of homework just to stay ahead.  Yet it is only Wednesday night, and I have a recitation of a poem tomorrow for my Poetry class (I chose William Blake’s “The Little Black Boy”) and two tests next Wednesday.  So while I still have a ton going on, it is so nice to just chill and breathe for a while.  After Agape I went over to  Kelsey’s  (one of the people I went on the Fall break trip with) room and we just talked, and I wasn’t worried about homework or getting up early - just good bonding time.  Those need to happen more often, I think.

For Thanksgiving I will be going to visit my Grandma in Santa Cruz, California and I just bought my ticket today!  My friend Katie will be joining me too!  She is from Alaska and wasn’t planning on going home, so I invited her to come along.  It will be an awesome trip.  Another cool thing is that my other friend, Kaylie that Katie and I know through rowing lives in Santa Cruz, so we are planning 10720_1141865982567_1104962502_30368225_3073148_n.jpga day where we can show Katie around.  The connections I have made while at L&C so far have been so incredible. Think about this: Me, from Minnesota, has a best friend from Fairbanks, Alaska, and is having Thanksgiving in California and going to meet up with a teammate that just happens to live there.  Wonderful!

The only bad part about relaxing is that often times I enjoy it too much and forget about important things like sleep.  So, I’m off to bed, but I hope that you all are enjoying this week regardless of the weather conditions you happen to be in!  As always, I have more stories, and e-mail me with yours and we can chat.

“Do or do not, there is no try” -Yoda

21 October 2009