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last-import-1.jpglast-import-7.jpgJames LoewenMatthew & Chiunde & international ceremonyKemi and Osabea @ International Ceremony  This week has been VERY hectic yet productive.  During the weekend I attended an alumni dinner with my uncle at Embassy Suites….OOO-LA-LA!!! He is an alumni of both Lewis & Clark undergraduate and the law school just down the hill. It was very interesting and the crowd was really sociable. I attended the same event last year where I met Mr. and Mrs. Akinson. They are very humble and sweet people. I enjoyed speaking with them about something other than the typical “college check-up” conversation. On Monday Shelby Davis…. I repeat….Shelby Davis came to the UWC International Student’s Ceremony. It went great! He is such an amazing person!!!! There were international students expressing their gratitude towards Shelby Davis for donating funds towards their scholarships, enabling them to attend Lewis & Clark.  There were also speeches from American students regarding the lasting effect of having international classmates to interact with and further more, international friends to share the college life and experiences with. I was actually one of the students who spoke at this event. Cool Beans!!!!!! I was truly honored.  Monday was also one of my best friends birthday. We surprised Iman with balloons and cake. Nothing beats chocolate cake! SHE LOVED IT Today I attended a Lecture by James Lowens, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me. VERY INTRIGUING! You guys should check him out!! - I’m still keeping my music promise  =) Song obsession of the week is: superwoman- Alicia Keys 

21 October 2009