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I Solemnly Swear

So, I decided last weeks post was a little boring…sorry, I was in a rush trying to get everything settled for my adventure home for fall break (mostly frantically trying to do homework). One of the best parts about living close to home is getting to go home for short breaks, and drag friends home to show them around. I would like to say that my roommate and I did something really exciting. But, mostly we just hung out and watched TV. Although I did take her to the small town of Sisters to walk around and admire the small town charm.  It was also nice to get to see the stars (the ones in the sky, I don’t live in LA). L&C is a good place to look at stars too, we have an observatory complete with telescope! We are far enough away from the city that the lights are not too bright. The observatory also had an open house in the beginning of the semester and we got to make s’mores and look at Jupiter (I think), through the telescope. I also got to see my friend tripping herself on flat surfaces. My roommate was joking today that my middle name was “grace” and my friend Eleanor said “It’s my first name”. We have fun teasing her about her lack of walking ability.
Everyone on campus seems to be sick. I had two classes canceled today because the professors were sick and it seems like half of the guys in my ballroom class have been sick.  Every day I seem to hear about the swine flu pandemic, it is turning me into a hand sanitizer fiend. My roommate was teasing me because my boyfriend said he was feeling sick and I automatically jumped sideways away from him. Yes, that’s a little mean, but I have a midterm and two papers to write.  It would be very inconvenient to get sick right now. I had my first midterm today and it went okay.  I told my professor that I did not feel like crying afterwards so that means it went well. But seriously, midterms are kind of scary, but after you do them a couple of times they are not too bad. You also get to compare how much of a bluebook you filled with your friends. Or maybe that’s just me. My E&D professor last year told us he once had a girl fill three blue books in a final exam, like I really needed to know that. Something else interesting about blue books, they really are blue (or sometimes green to connote recycled paper of course). But I kind of hate blue books because they are a weird size and have wide ruled pages so I feel like I am in 2nd grade again practicing my handwriting.  Other than doing homework I have become obsessed with the show “Glee.”  I love how happy it is, it is nice to listen to after a long day of reading Plato.  I have also been trying to finish reading Dracula. I know it is cliché to read it, but all of this vampire talk (well the show “True Blood”) made me want to read the ‘original.’ As usual I have to remind myself that thinking about Plato, Dracula, and generally nerdy things all the time does not make you a cool party guest. Although my English teacher did tell me I know the secret passcode to get into English department evedscn0055.JPGnts since I have had to memorize the beginning of the Canterbury Tales. Well I really should get back to writing my paper right now, but it igreen-books.JPGs so dreary out I am having a hard time concentrating. I swear that right this minute I will go back to writing my Political Theory Paper (really!).

14 October 2009