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You know what doesn’t quite make sense? Sonic Youth’s cameo on this past Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl. Never mind that Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are both in their 50s, the band actually performed an acoustic version of their classic, “Starpower,” a song that Wikipedia tells me was written in 1986! By no means am I condemning them for appearing on the show; I really don’t mind when a band “sells out.” It’s just a bit strange to think that most of the audience of the show probably has no idea who they are. Somewhere in here there is a super lame joke about how the band is just trying to live up to their name… Har har.

Know what also doesn’t quite make sense? Forgetting that you left your bike at a friend’s house and then expecting to ride it to school 7 minutes before a midterm. So on the Monday after we returned from Fall Break I had an Art History midterm. The night/morning before, I had studied for approximately 8 hours (which was nowhere near enough). The exam was at 12:40, and since it usually takes me about 7 minutes to bike to school, I was outside my house by 12:30 (I was 3 minutes early, ha!), ready to take that bike ride so I can kick butt at my exam. Only I couldn’t find my bike. Did it get stolen? Did a housemate use it without telling me? OH! *FACEPALM* I left it outside Adam and Shane’s house on Saturday night when I went to pick up a chair!! Merde!!!!! Freaking out, I began to speed-walk. But as always, time hates my guts, and I was nearly 15 minutes late (even though I ran the last 500 or so meters), effectively missing the first three slides that we were supposed to identify and explain. No biggie, the three questions together were only worth 15 points. But it turns out that I was way less prepared than I had thought. Yeah, I recognized all the art pieces, but I’d forgotten the names to half of them! It had been a while since I had to take an exam that involved identifying and recalling, and my memory totally failed me. Art History: 1. Lee: 0. It’s okay, even though I got my ass handed to me, I still really like the class. But mark my words, I will be coming for that final.

At least Fall Break was fun. Three of Ivan (housemate)’s high school friends came up to visit. And Friday night I went out to a club with Carina and Natalie. There are some awesome pictures for you to enjoy. Lots of Buster!formerghostsgreensmall.jpg

I also got the time today to make the poster for the upcoming LC Music Coalition (LCMC) concert with Former Ghosts (w/ members from Xiu Xiu), Anthony Russell, and LC students Barra Brown, and Julia Crager. Former Ghosts’ sound isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but you should check them out for yourself on their Myspace. Regardless, you should still go to the show if you can, if only to support your fellow LC classmates.

Another great find this week is a program called Poladroid, which converts any normal picture to a Polaroid. Sure, you can do it on Photoshop, but Poladroid will do it with just one click. And it only takes about a minute. If you’re interested, it’s available for download for free at this place. On the right is a “Poladroid” picture of me and Carina from Friday night.

And my e-mail is if you need to get in touch with me!

14 October 2009