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And a yellow moon glowed bright…

Autumn has finally graced Lewis and Clark College.


The breathy wind has become colder and the color of the leaves is starting to compete with the brilliant sunsets that come with the season. The rain has returned, and Portland transforms into the wet and sleepy city that the nation knows it as. It is my favorite time of year.




As the college gears into its 6th week of classes, we are given a small gift by having this particular week cut short for an event called Fall Break, and it couldn’t come at a better time. People are worn out from breaking in their figurative academic boots and getting back into the swing of things. By this time, most people have written several papers, read possibly over a thousand pages and begun to study for midterm tests and projects. This semester has been pretty exciting for me, but absolutely exhausting as well and I was ready for a breather. For my break I decided to stay on campus so I could catch up on lost sleep and re-focus everything I needed to get done for classes, at least during the daytime. During the nights I made my way over to the houses and apartments of my friends where we hung out and cooked together. Something you guys should know about me is that I absolutely LOVE to cook. I grew up in a strange but wonderful family where we grew a sizable percentage of our own food and herbs and as a result, I have become a food fanatic. I consider farmer’s markets along with local and ethnic grocery stores playgrounds.

Anyways, for the first night of Fall Break, I went over to my friend Jonah’s house. Jonah has been a great friend of mine since freshman year. We both lived in the same hall called Platt West (the fine arts and performing arts hall), we roomed together sophomore year in Platt East (we turned our room into a recording studio…) and he is also a member in Momo and the Coop. Jonah lives in walking distance to campus, so fortunately I see him often even though he lives further away. This particular occasion was a cooking event that was centered on the arrival of autumn, so together we made corn pudding, stuffed squash, a mixed salad with pears, caramelized walnuts and blue cheese, and of course, the centerpiece was a fresh apple pie made by one of his roommates. The night was spent eating and talking with friends along with Jonah and I geeking out about music. We exchanged new artists that we had been listening to lately and did some live performances for everyone, including a little something called the “Freedom Dance.” This dance is being used for a piece called “Freedom” that we are learning in a cappella, but since I’ve learned it, I can’t stop doing it. The dance essentially causes you to create your body into an instrument of percussion, and the beat is RIDICULOUSLY infectious. Jonah’s place has wooden floors, so every stomp in the dance causes a resounding BOOM to echo through the house. It feels SO good to make noise. For the second night I went over to my friend Kristin and Maggie’s apartment on campus. It had been a very cold day, so the group called for soup to be thing to cook. I decided on making Tom Kha Gai (Thai coconut chicken soup with chili and COPIOUS amounts of lime) and glass noodles. After soup was served, the night consisted of everyone showing off their favorite YouTube videos (with such classics as Powerthirst, Daft Hands and footage of the lyre bird) until about one in the morning. For the third night of Fall Break, I ended up getting more into the Halloween spirit by going to a haunted house that my friend Whitney was volunteering at with some of my older friends who had already graduated. Whitney is one of my closest friends who was ALSO a member of Momo and the Coop (are you noticing a pattern yet?) who graduated a year and a half ago from LC. As wonderful as it was to have seen her, I had forgotten how well I DON’T cope with being scared. I can barely sit through a generic horror/thriller movie without ducking for cover underneath the nearest pillow, let alone walk through an intricate haunted house with REALLY scary things inside of it. After being thoroughly terrified we all headed back to a friend’s house and tried to counteract the terrifiedness with a small “How I Met Your Mother” marathon.” Luckily it worked and I slept soundly that night. By the final day of Fall Break, I had devoted myself entirely back to schoolwork again. I had a multitude of papers to write and goodness knows how many pages to read, but I ended up getting a good chunk of it done.

As a theatre major with a performance emphasis, I need to participate in a lot of the productions that the department puts on every semester. This semester, Fir Acres Theatre is putting on something very special, a collection of Samuel Beckett plays. The performances will be divided two ways: the first half will be an amalgamation of many short Beckett plays of which I am in two, and the second half will be one of Beckett’s long plays called “Endgame” followed by a short piece called “Act Without Words I” which has almost everyone in the whole cast in it. The interesting thing about these plays is that the first half of the production will be staged all over the theatre: in the lobby, the green room, the costume loft, even the men’s shower, while the second half will take place on the main stage. The first play I am in is called “Catastrophe.” My character is called “Director,” and throughout the play I give directions to my assistant to create a stage picture involving a silent character simply called “Protagonist,” however, as the play progresses, my directions drift from theatrical orders to more of a sinister purpose. The second play I am in is called “Cascando.” The play is a dialogue between two speaking characters named “Opener,” “Voice,” along with live music (me!). Rehearsals are starting to really pick up as Opening Night approaches (November 6th).

Something especially exciting that happened this week was the release of Momo and the Coop’s new album, “Joh Eh Ba Dop.” The group spent all of last semester recording it and now it is finally done. We have been handing out free copies all over campus and you can listen to it too! The album is also downloadable online, and here is the link to get it on our website!


Hope you guys enjoy it! Due to the release, the group headed over to Jonah’s house last night to get together and celebrate. We spent most of the night going around the circle and had everyone sing their audition songs and share some of their favorite memories from being in the group. It was a lovely evening.

Well, hope you are all well. You’ll hear from me soon!



Music present of the week; perfect for the start of autumn.

14 October 2009