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a sea monster and everything

Greetings new readers, and welcome back to my adoring fans (aka my mom). Since sometime in August, the Admissions Office has been deluged with weekly emails from me inquiring as to when our blogs would be up and dancing again. I’ve been that excited to return to the Real Life Blogosphere. In celebration of being back, y’all are gonna get two separate entries from me this week.

This first one is a photoblog tour of my spacious new room. This year I live in Hartzfeld B. Hartzfeld is a highly coveted complex open only to sophomores and above. It’s tucked into a (relatively) far corner of campus and its brick walls and cozy courtyard make it feel like a snuggly den, particularly lovely for the wet, cold winter months ahead. Hartzfeld is suite-style living. That means that a pair of roommates share a central bathroom with two other roommates. I’m an RA (Resident Assistant) this year, so I have a double room all to myself, including my own private bathroom. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

This is the door to my room, come on in! y’know, like Ra, the Egyptian Sun God

And this is the back side of my door, plastered with my collection of postcards. makes it look like I have more international friends than I actually do

Here’s my desk… or actually, both of my desks. That bumperstickered drawer contains my supply of miso soup, goldfish crackers, and chocolate chips – all essential food groups for surviving college. If you look reeeeally close, you can see that I’m drafting this blog entry on my laptop. How meta!

This is the view out my window. I fold paper stars during class and put them in jars on my windowsill

Although sometimes, I see this, and I spend all morning laughing at the irony of soda being advertised as “fresh.” refreshing maybe, but I reserve “fresh” for things you can find in the average garden

This is my closet. It’s time to do laundry! the top shelf of my bookcase is mostly children’s books and Disney movies

I converted my second closet to a reading nook. my tigers’ names are Panth and Indel, in case you were wondering

My dishes are drying. Last night my girlfriend Mel and I cooked a late dinner (whole wheat pasta and baked kale) in my hall kitchen. The kitchen, which is huge, is located right underneath my floor, so whenever someone burns popcorn, my whole room smells like it. I got a lot of cookware for my birthday last week, which is awesome!

My bed is on one side of the room. My stegosaurus’s name is Elemeno. The bear doesn’t have a name yet.

My awkwardly uncomfortable (but free!) couch is on the other side of the room. I call it the Serious Couch, because I have Serious Conversations on it. Or sometimes I invade my own photos to knit. I’m a knitting newbie, so I’m still at the scarf stage. first I knitted a white washcloth and donated it to our communal kitchen — I’m moving up in the world!

Behind the rainbow flag is my own personal bathroom. I am responsible for cleaning it, but that’s just fine with me. The housekeepers clean all the other Hartzfeld bathrooms, which is probably a good thing. Not all college students are as fastidious about cleanliness as I am. It’s weird to have an industrial flushing handle on a personal toilet, but it works.

I’m growing a dinosaur in my bathtub at the moment. His name is Fitzgibbons. Dinosaurs are kind of a theme of my life.

This is our hall lounge, as seen from the balcony right outside my room. If that piece of white butcher paper were unfolded, you’d see the marker mural that kids who live in my hall are working on drawing. It’s got a flying pirate ship and a sea monster and everything. we have bike racks on the walls, too

Welcome to my life! Email me at for more information. I will be updating weekly on Fridays. You can also still read my Real Life blog entries from last semester.

9 October 2009