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Fall Break Already?

img_0341.JPG Hey guys =)   

This week has been pretty hectic but the good thing is, I got through it!

I had a presentation for my mass media class on Monday. The assignment was to create a television pitch,  which conveyed creativity and developed thoughts of a show you wanted aired. I was very excited for this because this is an area that I ultimately would like to be in. Sheena and I came up with a Drama on CW called Interchange.

The show follows the struggles of an elite family which we see drastically changed by the economic crises, specifically through loss of employment by the father, Victor Loveland. The show confronts serious current social issues, while still providing a sense of escapism and entertainment for the audience, which was very important for us.

We had alot of fun coming up with the outrageous twists and turns both  in the parent’s marriage and  children the children’s lives.  Gossip Girl has nothing on us ;)

Last night I went to the Slam Poetry night WHICH WAS AMAZING! It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent here at Lewis & Clark. People that I see every day or even in my class were standing on stage delivering breath taking poetry. I volunteered to be a judge within the audience.  I was not much help since I couldn’t give anyone lower than a 9! They all were just so good! After our student poets we heard Jon Sands as the featured guest. He left us all wanting more. He was truly unbelievable.

 You guys should check out his myspace: 

You guys will quickly learn that a large part of my life is MUSIC. My mom  really got me into India Arie when I was about 10 years old. Five concerts and four albums later I am still obsessed!  I will often try to leave you with a song that I have been playing a lot or one that is encouraging me for that week.

 This week the song of the week is, Beautiful Flower- India.Arie  

Till next blog =)



7 October 2009