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Ballroom and Biscotti

Okay, so I totally stole my blog title from one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls, and funnily enough, its the episode right before she goes off to college! So, life in college, fun? hard? crazy? I guess I would say that it is all of those things, except so much more. But before I get into philosophizing about the nature of college life, (I can hear Plato’s thoughts on the virtue of Philosopher Kings in my sleep, thank you Political Theory!)  I thought I would give you an introduction to my  typical college day (well Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

I tend to get up at 8 every day, last year it was 7 three days a week because I was crazy and took 8 am Spanish, but I returned to my senses this year and do not have class until 9:10. My first class is Early English Literature, which I was totally afraid to take. The Canterbury Tales are definitely not light reading, but I survived and we have moved on to 16th century love sonnets which I adore. Did you know that Shakespeare wrote his first 100 sonnets to a boy? I’m not sure if that means anything, but you read it in a different way with that knowledge! After English I go to Research Methods for Political Science, which is kind of dull. Not the professors fault, but how interesting is it that good theories must be falisifiable? It is a Major requirement and I am sure it will come in useful later, fingers crossed.

After that I get to my favorite part of the day Ballroom Dance class (and the namesake of my title)! My roommate and I planned our schedules so we could take this class together and it is so fun. We get to spend an hour dancing around and there are even some really good dancers in the class. Right now we are learning Foxtrot, Swing and Rumba. Currently Swing is my favorite, but some of the turns in the Foxtrot are really fun when you get going. I love it when the teacher brings her husband to class because we get to watch them dance, it is inspiring. I like getting to dance with the teacher because she can make me do steps I did not even know I could do!  I always come out of ballroom feeling extremely happy. Portland also has a lot of dance clubs that allow under 21 which I hear is really fun. They have blues dancing, swing dancing and salsa dancing, my roommate went blues dancing last night and said it was amazing, they even offer beginners lessons. After Ballroom I eat lunch and then I go to work at the Admissions Office. I love working in the Admissions Office (and not just because you get cupcakes and candy during the winter!). While it’s a lot of filing I think it is way more interesting than sitting in the Library or watching the printer (yes that is a job on campus!).  After classes and work I like to relax and watch TV a little bit before starting my homework. Meal times tend to be the best time to see all of your friends during the day as every one heads over to the “Bon” at about 5:15.
–A note about college slang–Every college seems to have a lot of slang and some of it is annoying, so just so you know
L&C= Lewis & Clark (the place where you want to go!) and as a side note, you are only supposed to use the & sign and not spell ‘and’ out (who knew!) but hardly anyone knows this
Campo=Campus Police (standard on most campuses)
Pio= short for pioneers (our mascot) used in reference in everything to our shuttle, the mascot and our school newspaper the Pio Log
The Bon= AKA Fields Dining room, named the Bon after the catering company and it is the place where we eat 3 times a day
The Raz/Pio Express=The shuttle that takes us to Fred Meyer (the grocery store) and downtown all day
South Campus= The graduate school located up the hill from Forest and Hartzfeld Halls
Lower Campus=The prettiest part of L&C (and my favorite) which is the original grounds of the Frank Estate with the reflecting pool, swimming pool, grass, and rose gardens
Okay, that’s the short edition of L&C slang, more to come I am sure
Anyway, after dinner and hanging out I start my homework, or if its Tuesday I head off to Band. That’s a pretty typical day for me, except some are way more exciting! Oh yeah and for the last part of my title, I really have no idea. I don’t really like coffee, but biscotti is good, I wish they would serve it in the Bon! Hope this is informative and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me,

P.S. The pictures are of my roommate and the mountain on our drive to my house in Bend for fall break.

Barlow Toll RoadMt. Hood

7 October 2009