Maisha Foster-O’Neal

My name is Maisha. I’m a second-year student fresh off a semester of bouncing around Kenya and Tanzania, where every person I met felt obliged to inform me that my name means “life” in Swahili. I’m from the Portland area, so I occasionally take the MAX home to visit my puppies and eat real food. Although I haven’t declared yet, I’m aiming to major in Sociology/Anthropology and minor in Gender Studies, but only because a major in Everything I Like isn’t offered.

I get really excited about things four-year-olds think are cool, like giant toy stores, pirate band-aids, and dinosaurs. I spend a lot of time hiding from homework in the Womyn’s Center and the United Sexualities office on campus. I collect mini pie tins from the Bon and I’ve stuck so much stuff to my walls that it’s a serious fire code violation. I like artworking and inventing verbs. I’m all about social and political activism, my chosen outlets being youth education, performance poetry, drawing, painting, cartooning, button-making, collaging, and photography, both digital and darkroom. Although not really a thespian myself, I’m a bit of a theatre junkie with a particular fondness for musicals. Actually, I’m a fan of music in general, from obscure indie to embarrassingly bad dance pop.

If you visit campus, you might meet me as your tour guide, catch me watching Firefly end to end in a res hall lounge, or see me sampling all the vegetarian options in the Bon. You might spot me in downtown Portland exploring the city with an old film camera in hand, marching in an anti-war protest or the AIDS Walk, or completely lost in Powell’s City of Books. If you’re not making the trek to Portland and Lewis & Clark just yet, shoot me an email! I love talking to prospective students, and I’d be thrilled to help you college shop.