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After the rain comes sunshine….but what about the rainbow??

So I was sick and as if that was not enough my voice was lost and no where to be found. I mean really the one thing that I use the most was gone. That said, my dorm was pretty quiet for those days! Its amazing when you loose your voice the amount of listening you end up doing. We often spend so much time speaking our lives away that we never take the time to listen.. I guess it was a life lesson to start listening more as well as reflecting on what people say..

Ok well after that life lesson its almost as if i wanted to loose my voice again. I WENT TO A CONCERT!!SCREEEEEEEEEEAAAMED my lungs out!! It was actually a special concert for me because the act “Collie Buddz” is from the islands close by, so it was a glimpse of home!! That’s the great thing with Portland, it is so cultured that you are bound to find some of your culture awaiting you here…

After play comes work unfortunately!I had a presentation and a major project to work on! AHHH…and both of them were group assignments which meant group work.. well now that I had acquired the skill of listening I thought this would be easy!NOT!Group work is one of those things that you only appreciate AFTER its done. I felt at times that my last nerve was being jumped on at times but in the end and ONLY in the end do you feel like you have achieved some sort of aesthetic moment. I guess that’s the great thing with Lewis and Clark in the sense that you come here to learn communications or theatre or whatever your major of choice is but you come out with WAY more than you bargained for. I have learnd some of the most important life skills from Lewis and Clark and for me that’s what makes it different to other places I could have gone to.

So me and my crazy roomie went a bit crazy and had a photo shoot in our room. her idea not mine I PROMISE!! Its not as vain as it sounds, we were just hungry and needed the time till supper to pass by fast so why not have a photo shoot right? Believe me supper came by pretty fast!you guys should try it one day!lol

Well I have another looong week to look forward to. OBVIOUSLY HALLOWEEEN!! Im so excited about it, there’s something about dressing up and taking on a WHOLE new role that gets me excited! I haven’t decided on whether to be a police woman or a fairy??what you guys think?

I’ll be sure to let you know next week WITH PICTURES!!!!

Take care and be sure to vote!!!!


*email me with any questions tfm@lclark.edu

1 November 2008

It’s a Short One..

hhhhh.jpgLast weekend I went bowling at PSU with a group of friends from Akin.  It was a lot of fun!  There are a lot of cool places that are accessible from LC and it’s nice to take advantage of them at times.  I also got together with a group of girls in the apartments on campus and played a few board games again.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a chill weekend where you just hang out with friends and make your own fun.bbbb.jpg

Fall has begun and it’s starting to get dark earlier.  Leaves are falling off the trees and it’s really pretty.  LC has such a pretty campus in all seasons.  That also means it’s flu season!  I have been sick all week :(  The good part is that at least the professors understand if you let them know what’s going on.  Also nice to have an accomodating health center on campus that’s not a long walk at all.bgbgbg.jpg

I’m getting really excited for Halloween because trick-or-treating was a lot of fun last year.  This year kids from the elementary schools are coming to our dorms to trick-or-treat so that should be really interesting and it’ll be nice to see some cute kids around here.

Well, I’m going to peace out and get some rest!  French test Friday!!  Will update you more later.  Remember you can always email me with any questions!nnnnn.jpg


22 October 2008

Fall Break was made for Birthdays??

Fall Break was a BLAST!!! It was great to have a mini break from my studies, since as we all know it can be a bit draining at times. Even though I stayed on campus, I still managed to have a lot of fun…. So don’t always feel obligated to always leave campus


when there’s a break. Most if not all of my friends stayed on campus as well and we celebrated not 1 not 2 but 3 birthdays!!! I am obsessed with birthdays (you should have seen me on mine). I don’t know what it is or where it came from but birthdays always get me extremely excited. So luckily, three of my friends were celebrating birthdays over fall break so my friends and I had a weekend filled with activities.For birthday number one (which kind of tied in with birthday number 2 since they were on the same day) we went rollerblading in Sellwood, which is not far from the campus at all. You just hop on the RAZ that well… goes to Sellwood dinner1.jpgdirectly from campus, it’s literally as easy as that!! We ultimately wanted to go to the amusement park, but unfortunately it was closed for the fall but we still had enough fun at the skating rink. I think the last time I went rollerblading I was about ten years old, so it’s been a while. I will admit, I was a bit rusty but you really do get the hang of it after a while.

For birthdays number two and three, we went to dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill located downtown.. The food there is really tasty, there’s a little something for everyone if you’re kind of picky about your food but do resto2.jpgkeep in mind it is an Italian inspired restaurant, so if you don’t like pasta then you probably won’t want to check it out. But I’m always satisfied with the cuisine there and the best part… you get to color on the tables… what more could u want =)….

At the end of the night, we went over to my friend’s apartment in Roberts. She’s a junior and one of the beccabday.jpgbest parts about LC is that the small community really does govern the way in which I made friends here. I remember in high school I was solely friends with people in my own year rather than in the year before or after me. At LC it’s completely different; even though the majority of my friends are sophomores like me, I still have a large number that are freshmen, juniors and seniors. We’re all different, whether we’re from different countries, ethnicities or backgrounds, but it’s great having those different perspectives to analyze and rethink your own. My absolute favorite part of fall break was playing TABOO… I love taboo and even though my team lost on more than one occasion, I still had the most fun losing/ coming inscott.jpg second place. I was taught not to be a sore loser, and well I really am not that good at games and yet I still enjoy playing all the time.

Well I must depart until next week of course…keminiman.jpg

Remember to shoot me an email if you have any questions.. I’d be glad to answer all of them. tfm@lclark.edu

Be safe!! Check out the pics….

15 October 2008

It’s My First Time!!!! Writing a Blog that is…..

Its already been a MONTH?? It seriously feels like I just left home to head back to Portland and now its actually fall break!! However, this semester has gotten off to a pretty good start for the simple fact that we had an entire month of sunshine.. YAY!!! I never experienced that last year here so it made this little island girl extremely happy… maybe a bit too happy if you ask me. I spent much of the first few weeks lounging on the grass located in front of my dorm while “attempting” to do homework, which rarely ever got done until I went inside. Weird enough, I’m pretty relieved the sunny days have started to fade since my work load has gotten more intense, my study habits should really be following that pattern as well.

If you’ve already checked out my about me, you probably get the gist of who I am (if you haven’t… why not?)… But since this is my first post, I wanted to do one of the many things I do best =)… talk about myself.. just a little bit. A part from living in Kingston, Jamaica for my entire life and listening to Bob Marley I kind of like to partake in a lot of other activities. As a matter of fact, just last week I attended two events being held at LC that I personally feel attached to. On Monday I accompanied my fabulous roommate as her date (she told me to say fabulous by the way I don’t say stuff like that), to a reception honoring the twenty-one United World College -UWC scholars at Lewis and Clark. Yes I know you don’t have a clue what that is.. it’s ok I didn’t either before I came to LC. In a nutshell, the United World Colleges are a bunch of really awesome high schools located in different regions of the world that promote not only diversity but also aid students with the understanding and appreciation of different cultural interpretations, all while getting a really good high school education. My roommate who is from Uganda and two of my closest friends from freshmen year all attended the UWC in Swaziland; so technically if UWC’s didn’t exist some of my best frienships probably wouldn’t either, and I don’t even want to think about that!

The other event I attended was a gathering for students of colour to meet with past students of colour, which was held during good ol’ alumni weekend. And guess what..I met someone from the graduating class of 1961!! I wasn’t even thought of back then!! There’s  just something about hearing an alumni’s story that interests me a lot, I think that’s the sole reason I enjoy working for the Annual Giving Department as a phonathon caller. But a part from that Lewis and Clark has done a great job in trying to promote diversity around campus and their efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed. Well as I mentioned it is fall break and there’s lots to do… So I’ll check in next week.. Oh feel free to hit me up on my email tfm@lclark.edu, I will answer your emails, I hate it when people don’t answer mine so I make it my duty to not fall in that trap…. Have a good wekeend guys and gals!!!



6 October 2008