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Presently, I’m sitting on my suitcase at the Airport in Fort Lauderdale waiting to officially leave the United States. However, not to my surprise my flight has been delayed once again and of course I perform my routine moment of hysterics where I find myself on the verge of bursting into tears.  When I think about it now I can start laughing about it (so you may do so as well) especially since this always happens to me; so you’d think I would have become accustomed to it right??…. Wrong, I still always get flustered and upset whenever it does happen to me. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of hours I travel.

Now I know travelling to Kingston is no Tokyo but it does take a toll on you when you’ve been flying from state to state, with a connection here, a connection there, a delay here a delay there… You get the picture… So after a phone conversation with my mother, where I vowed never to take Air Jamaica ever again (trust me I probably will), I have managed to calm down a little bit.  And as a method to cope I sit thinking about the tonnes of fun I actually had this semester. So far, I think the most major difference between being a sophomore and a freshmen is the “been there, done that” factor. I didn’t have the excitement of a freshman this semester but I did have the passion of a sophomore. Meaning, I wasn’t thrilled about the “newness” of LC but more the ability to pursue my own personal goals, which makes me excited about the future years ahead. Well, I love being a part of monumental moments in history and this semester was full of them.

Ok besides Obama winning the presidential election, there really weren’t any others, but a lot of finals were cancelled this semester; where a number of students either had take homes or had the option to stick with their current grades or do the re-sit in January. I don’ t know when last that happened but unlucky me actually had to take all of her finals. This past Sunday before I left campus it was tremendously gorgeous, we had our first and hopefully not last snow day; where most of it was spent playing games (as usual), watching TV, partially studying and drinking hot chocolate… I know… It was snowing… Hey I said it was pretty, but I’m not a snow person; I’ve lived on an a “Tropical Island” as it’s called for my entire life… However, that is just me but I know a lot of students enjoy the snow, especially the ones from Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota etc. It makes them feel more at home during the winter to have a little taste of home. And the school does cater to our “snowy” needs, the Outdoors Department at LC offers a weekly shuttle up to Mount Hood at an affordable cost, so if you’re really into snow… you have the option to travel up to Mount Hood on the weekends to snowboard, ski ,fly etc.

As this is my last entry for the semester, I hope my devout readers (if there are any out there) have enjoyed my stories for this semester. If there’s anything you truly wish to know more about I can probably provide that answer, so ALWAYS feel free to shoot me an email. I know next semester is crunch time for College Applications, so take your time to review each and everyone, most times you know which school is the best fit for you. If you find yourself on the website frequently just trying to find out what’s up… You’re probably hooked… If you’re an international student like myself and you find yourself going “Aww I love Brian, Greg and Carolyn, they’re so helpful”…. You’re not alone and the fact that you’re interested in asking questions is a good thing. Lewis & Clark loves diversity so the more the merrier.

Now even though my flight is not ready to depart, I am going to go find some bad airport food to munch on. So have a great winter break everyone… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza. If I left out any other special ones… I mean you too… OH and HAVE AN AWESOME NEW YEAR!!! ( I love new year’s)… I’ll be back in January with a new entry…


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27 December 2008

Thanksgiving…. Finals… Winter Break… Jamaica

As a sophomore I don’t think I appreciate the whole going home for break process like I did when I was a freshmen. I am excited of course… I literally cannot wait to be back in my WARM bed and spend time with all those oh so special people. But at the same time, I guess when I came back in the fall I wasn’t as eager to go back home. I think it has a lot to do with the friendships I’ve developed here as well, it is hard to leave my friends here too, since in fact they’ve become my family away from home. At least I won’t be seeing them for only a month whereas I separated from my family for 8 months out of the entire year. I don’t know why I always start off my posts with little notes like these =).. I guess it’s always what comes to mind first. However I do have details about my very quiet Thanksgiving break to tell…5.jpg

This year I opted not to my friend Kaitlin’s to experience all of the festivities, instead my Jamaican counterparts =) were having a Jamaican Thanksgiving dinnner. Ok first just to let you know, Jamaicans do not celebrate Thanksgiving it is indeed an American Holiday well I think Canada does as well but a bit earlier on in the year. Anywho… My friends decided to cook for the day and instead of having the traditional turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, cidar, stuffing and cranberry dinner (which is really really good), we decided to have a little taste of home. They cooked up a storm, which included fried chicken, fritters, rice and peas (that I made), jerked chicken, potato salad, fried dumplings, plantains, curried shrimp and of course a salad on the side and believe me when I say it was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! It definitely reminded me a lot of the food I was missing from home… but soon enough.. soon enough… While cooking we listened to a lot of dancehall and reggae songs that I haven’t heard in so long. Songs that I forgot existed, thanks to Rhea’s IPOD. All in all it was a nice small little gathering and although it made me partially homesick it made me happy at the same time.1.jpg

The rest of my break was spent watching abc shows (I’m addicted) and spending a lot of time in my friends Mari and Rainer’s apartment. I have become a real low key person, this year, not that that’s a bad thing, I mean I’m still the loud Talitha, but I’m more laid back I think (maybe others would disagree)…Unfortunately I was unable to go Black Friday shopping, which really had me down… But I will get my revenge right before I leave for break.2.jpg

As for finals… I’m not thinking about them… Ok I am every single second of the day and I am sooooo good at procrastinating. Honestly, if I had one wish as it relates to my school work, I wish I was unable to procrastinate.4.jpg I really am too good at it, so with that thought I shall prepare for one of my last classes in COMM 260.. Thank God for that!!! 3.jpg

P.S I put only food pics up purposely.. Hope you like =)

Peace & Love boys and girls =)

Tali= tfm@lclark.edu

2 December 2008

It gets harder closer to the end!!!

Winter break is exactly four weeks away.. Yay!! Now I know most LC students are currently looking forward to the holiday much closer (Thanksgiving) because fortunately most of them get the opportunity to return home and spend time with their family and old friends. I on the other hand am not able to fly back to Jamaica for a long weekend; so instead I’m counting down the days until I arrive in Kingston for my very anticipated Winter Break. Until then I’m sure my professors will ensure that my thoughts are occupied by dishing out tonnes of assignments.

Last week LC had its multicultural Symposium , which was pretty interesting. Although I didn’t attend any of the info sessions last year three of my friends were taking part in the race monologues so I absolutely had to go see them… And it was truly amazing.. If and when you decide to attend LC I definitely recommend that you check out all the symposiums that we offer, you’ll learn some really interesting facts and open your level of understanding for a lot of different concepts.

This past weekend I managed to break free from the shackles of course work and have a little what I like to call “Tali Time”.  On Friday I end classes pretty earlier and decided to head downtown to do a bit of shopping .. (with the convenience of the RAZ shuttle of course)… I’m always surrounded by people and I love it that way but sometimes I think it’s necessary to take some time out and be by myself; and why way of doing this is spending money on things I probably shouldn’t get but for some reason it always makes me feel better. When I headed back to school, my friends and I just enjoyed a quiet movie night and watched Sex and the City… (which I didn’t think was that good at all)…But it was fun as always to just hang out with my friends especially when you have a Wam Wams and Zoo Zoos bag (Goody bag).

On Saturday, the very anticipated Fall Ball had arrived and I was particularly looking forward to it. I love dancing and just having a good time, so I was excited to be able to do so after a long tedious week of classes. Thankfully I was not disappointed by what the Activities Congress concocted. The music was right, the food was fantastic and when you’re with friends that you normally have a blast with, fun is practically inevitable.

Questions?? I have answers tfm@lclark.edu

Peace and Love People


20 November 2008

It’s COLD… In my opinion that is!!!

This week has gotten off to a pretty good start, my work load is not as difficult as it was last week so I can actually take a breather for a couple of days. I honestly haven’t been up to much; I’ve been trying to take it easy and relax a bit but with working part time and my studies I don’t seem to have much time to do that. I had a very low key weekend; I spent most of it watching movies with my friends. On Friday, Lewis and Clark played a volleyball game against Pacific and we won, so that was really exciting to see first hand, plus it was there last home game.

I really wanted to go see the showing of “Urinetown”, but unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to do so. I  love the theatre department at LC and I’ve been able to watch most of the events they’ve held since I started going here and I’m happy to say that I have never been disappointed once. I mean I’m not much of a theatre critic but it is hard to please me sometimes when it comes to performances and movies but the students at LC are extremely talented. There is another showing this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to watch it then.

I register for Spring semester on Thursday and I’m really happy with my classes. I’m a Communications major so I do try to do as many COMM classes as possible even when I don’t have to; but I guess I’ve gotten past the stage where I wanted to explore different curriculum that the school has to offer. I’m probably just a little bit too passionate about my major.. maybe?? However, I do love the fact that if I wanted to, the option of trying different classes is always open to me. That’s another reason I chose LC; for the liberal arts education and I’ve never regretted that decision. I’ve learned many different modules from each class I’ve taken that though may not necessarily relate to my major, they’ve aided in the development of how I approach the thinking process. But for once I knew which classes I wanted to take and I think my adviser was very proud of me for making one. N.B never go to your adviser without a list.. it may cause problems and take up way too much time. I only hope I’ll be able to get into all of them.

Well I must part once again, I will be back next week with what I hope will be a more detailed blog. I’ve just been out of it all week and I’ve been trying to keep it low key. This weekend is fall ball, so I should have pics galore and fun stories.

Have a great week… and don’t forget to email tfm@lclark.edu .. that’s ME!!! =)

12 November 2008


It’s really over!!! The election that seemed like it would never end is actually over! The funny things is before I came to Lewis and Clark I was never really a fan of politics it just didn’t seem to interest me what so ever. But that all changed when I came to LC. The student body is so motivated and determined; their interest in committing to a cause to benefit not just themselves but America on a whole is incredible and extremely commendable. You just can’t help but become enthralled by it yourself and you begin to learn the importance of our youth and what we are truly capable of. As I sat in my dorm’s lounge with a bunch of my hall mates huddled together watching the election results,  I realized they got me hooked!!! But it truly was an incredible experience to view firsthand such a monumental experience in America’s history.

This week is turning out to be one of my hardest week’s since the term began. I have three exams and a paper to complete by Friday.. FUN HUH?? Sometimes it gets really difficult but you just have to press on and realize that in due time it will be all worth it, and that feeling of success is always the best feeling you can have. So I will think optimistically and try to give it my best shot.

Last week was a pretty fun week!! It was Halloween as you probably already know and I decided to be a police officer. I became obsessed with this Lil Wayne song “Mrs. Officer” so I just had to =). Unfortunately, I was unable to go trick or treating because by the time I was decked out in my costume it was a bit too late. I did have fun with my friends that night though. As a matter of fact that entire weekend was too much fun, which probably explains my difficulty this week (learn to balance guys lol). There were a ton of LC events for Halloween including a scary movie night and a costume competition.3.jpgThat’s the thing about LC, there’s always something going on, you can rarely be bored unless you choose to be bored.1.jpg

Apart from all the fun, I have been missing my family and friends lately, it’s about that time of year. Don’t get me wrong I love LC and everything it has to offer. My friends here are fantastic and they keep me laughing for days but it does get hard when you don’t see your parents for a while after spending seventeen years of your life with them. And you build friendships in high school that are really hard to replace (well you do tend to miss them just as much when I’m away from them. I guess it’s just a win lose situation =).4.jpg

Well guys as I mentioned earlier, I do have some studying to do.. but first I think I’m going to take a quick nap (procrastinaton’t want to replace them) so yes I do miss home. But soon enough I will be back and I’ll be saying the same thing about LC. The people you meet here become a part of your family as well so Ir I know)…. Until next week.. Keep Safe

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5 November 2008