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Soo Why LC???

So remember when I said I would be crying this week because of the amount of work I have to complete… Well although those tears haven’t made there way down my face as yet, I’m pretty sure  by tomorrow afternoon my eyes will be all puffy lol….. The one thing I dread about classes are presentations. I get too nervous and I stutter and once I’ve lost my train of thought I start to blabber and say things that make absolutely no sense. Well “luckily”, I have a presentation on Friday (that I haven’t started preparing for as yet he  he) and I have a midterm tomorrow…. The joys of college.. I know..At least for the presentation I have my other group members so the work isn’t entirely on me and for my test tomorrow my friends are going to be studying all night!!! So with the help of others I might just succeed. This week I’ve compiled a list/ my top ten reasons for attending LC… I thought they may be helpful for you all since I know this is the crucial decision making period for L&C…. I’ll list my top 10 reasons and hopefully you’ll see why it is such a great school. Hopefully you haven’t heard all of these before…… Oh if you would like to email me.. I received a few last semester but none this year… Please email me any questions at all… I like reading emails they make me happy for some reason lol… tfm@lclark.edu.. Oh and Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted to Lewis and Clark!!

In no particular order………

1.       I GO HERE!!!! YAY ME =)

2.       Liberal Arts= Helpful to those who are unsure about what they want to do as a career… Already picked one?? So did I before I came here, but studying different fields while getting my degree in Communications has been extremely interesting…. Doing the same thing all the time is BORING!!

3.       Approximately 70% of Lewis & Clark Students receive some form of Financial Aid… In addition to that after your freshman year you can apply for tons of scholarships that the school has to offer.

4.       THE CITY PORTLAND!!! It’s not only just a gorgeous campus but it’s also in a fantastic city. Portland has something to offer for everyone…. one of my favourites.. their restaurants… Great for dates (Not that I would know) lol…

5.       The People: Ok this is my story… I felt at home as soon as I stepped foot on this campus for the first time… Everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE was so hospitable.. At first I thought it was an orientation thing.. but no they really are like that in real life… Also everyone’s so different here you’re bound to find a group of friends that who you’ll probably be calling your family for the next 4 years.

6.       State schools start all the way in September and take too much time out of the summer… Plus Winter Break is shorter… Uhmm need I say more??

7.       The small classes…Honestly one of my favourite things about LC… Although yes it is true you can rarely skip classes for most courses.. You’re not just a number here you’re your own person.. Which to me makes an enormous difference and is especially helpful in terms of discussions and trust me that is something we all need to know for the working world.

8.       51 countries are represented at Lewis and Clark. We’re like one big melting pot J

9.       Overseas Programs… I’m going to Australia in the Spring of 2010… and I never thought I would be able to say that….

10.   Because at Lewis & Clark you can be you and not worry about it!!!

15 April 2009


dscn5822.JPGIt’s quite amusing how the existence of sun in Portland makes my day 100 times better than it was before. Any frown is quickly replaced with a smile at the sight of clear skies and blooming flowers. And fortunately this is how my entire week has been so far. Jamba Juice, ice-cream (mainly butter brickle) and popsicles have easily removed the urge for soups, tea, cocoa and well classes. dscn5819.JPG

Although finals are definitely right around the corner and next week will probably be my hardest week of school to date… I have been basking in the sun, skipping around like a giddy school girl and uhmm avoiding work… but that doesn’t mean that this kind of negligence is acceptable because indeed it is not.  dscn5850.JPG

However, I do think it is necessary to have at least one week where I can at least breathe. Luckily, this semester I only have two finals but a lot of other course work to complete before the finals period; so before I begin to stress and relocate to the library I decided to relax. It will all come to an end when the weather becomes a bit dreary tomorrow but every moment wasted was worth it.  (I say this now wait until next week for a follow up of me crying). dscn5853.JPG

 A lot of the professor’s here like to share in the delight of the sunlight with their students.Yesterday I had my dance class outside and as you can imagine it was extremely awkward at first but once you ignore the people around you and focus on the intent… it becomes a very satisfying experience.dscn5858.JPG

I’ve seen a bunch of “prospies” on campus this past week and I always think it’s the cutest thing ever. It brings back memories to my freshman year; I never had the opportunity to visit the campus beforehand but I saw the delight and intrigue in these students faces, the same emotion I felt when I saw the campus for the first time.dscn5873.JPG

Over the weekend, I took probably a bunch of pictures of the campus, little details that I had never noticed before.. I went downtown and just walked around pioneer square… and thankfully only spent $11.00, which is an all time record for Talitha Morrison. I also went to LC’s LUAU… The Luau is the oldest campus event hosted by the Hawaiian club here. I really enjoyed it, this year more than last. Shoutout to Lisa… Girl can shake hehe… As for the Haka (youtube haka ) .. 6.jpg

Well I’m signing off for this week… There’s a lot more sun to enjoy… So I think it is definitely a necessity that I go outside and enjoy it. Until next week.. Stay safe…..dscf1514.JPG

Peace & Love


8 April 2009


It’s SUNNY today… yayyy.. Still a bit chilly but sunny nonetheless and it’s been the bright spark to my day; especially since earlier this week we were experiencing really weird Portland weather. A friend of mine from Eugene always says “if you don’t like the weather in Portland, just wait 20 minutes.” And trust me we definitely got a taste of everything. dscn5662.JPGdscn5665.JPG

Last week was without a doubt one of my more challenging weeks this spring. Two midterms, 2 papers and I was SICK…. I know may seem like I’m always sick… well I’m not haha.. I just have a really sucky immune system. However, I am feeling much better this week, I only have a slight cough and Spring Break is almost here. Extremely excited for that!!! dscn5668.JPG

On top of my busy academic schedule I had to somehow fit my roommates play into my week and I’m glad I did. “The Blue Room” is probably one of my favourite productions that I’ve had the chance to go see at LC so far. No it is my favourite… Kemi  (my roommate) played the role of the “Politician’s wife” and she did an EXCELLENT job. This was my first time seeing her perform and I felt like a proud mama. I wanted to scream that’s MY FRIEND!!! Overall the play was fantastic the actors did a great job at maintaining the story line and projecting it to the audience. Unfortunately I was unable to take photos of the show but if by any chance you’re in Portland, and in the LC area it will still be showing until Saturday. dscn5672.JPG

Another event that I attended this past week was the International Fair. This is an annual event hosted by ISLC (International Students of Lewis & Clark), where the different regions of the world that are represented at LC get to I really enjoy the concert part of the international fair the most, since it showcases so much hidden talent within LC and you learn so much more about one person’s culture through an activity as minute as a dance. I have pictures up for you to see… enjoy… dscn5695.JPG

I have an 8 page paper to write..dscn5696.JPG


Peace & Love

Tali email me -tfm@lclark.edu

11 March 2009


Between being sick once again and my never ending course assignments, I have been unable to write for the past couple weeks; but I’m happy to say that I am back!!! (YAY)… School has been hectic as usal but fun at the same time. Since I’ve been back, I’ve privileged …yes privileged to be able to take part in so many amazing on campus events, so I’ve had no time to be bored. One of the most commendable ones I must say was the LC Slam Poetry club’s week long festivities… Amazing those guys and gals are extremely talented; I know I would never be able to write such creative ideas on paper even if Emily Dickinson herself helped me.  I’ve also been enjoying the BSU’s (Black Student Union) ongoing events for black history month. You learn so much .. well I know I have….

I have been trying and surprisingly succeeding in becoming immersed with all my classes… Well that was until earlier when I found out I have a midterm on Monday  for my Rhetorical Criticism class… now this I was unaware of…. (Always look at your syllabus)… So now even though I have plans to attend the BSU’s dance this Saturday.. I have to somehow schedule in time to study for my midterm and two papers. I know you don’t have to tell me.. I have it altogether… J and the strange thing is I know I will somehow manage to do all of that plus my additional homework for next week… maybe multi-tasking….

As for the rest of my classes… Well I adore my dance class; it’s the only class that gives me the opportunity to express myself the way I know how to. It’s instinctive and challenging at the same time, but overall a really good class to be in. French is well French…. I just recently had my first film assignment in my documentary form class (I love that class)… definitely one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken so far at Lewis and Clark.

Next week I will have a ton of updates and picture for you guys (I know I haven’t posted any pics since last semester)… My friends from the Netherlands are here to visit for 10 days and the International fair is next week… as well as my roomies play “The Blue Room”…. too much stuff to tell you about… But I will indeed have updates…

Peace & Love


25 February 2009

Switching my sandals to boots!!!

Trying to get back into the swing of things

It’s much harder to actually do it than just say it of course. Thankfully I’m enjoying my classes so far, which is a huge plus coming from such a difficult semester in the fall. I’m beginning to take those classes mandatory to complete my major and I can’t help but feel excited. I know I still have quite a long way to go, but I always get excited thinking about my future; and they’re so many thing I’d like to pursue after College it’s almost impossible to not feel the least bit antsy about it all.

I’m still trying to get used to being in Oregon once again….:( Simply because of the weather…. I do miss the sun a whole lot as I do my family and friends back home but I really have become too enthralled with my classes to even really notice. I’ve also been working on my application to go overseas in the spring of 09” to LONDON!!!! It took some convincing my mother since in her view I am already technically studying overseas and London is one of the most expensive cities to live in… but it also is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I do get into the program (keep your fingers crossed) I will make it worth my parent’s worth. So a lot of my time has been spent trying to get back into the swing of things and prepare for my next move.

I realized the other day that most of my classes with the exception of French are all 300 hundred level classes, so much more focus is needed than I would previously give to my courses. There are a lot of events to look forward to this semester, my roommate is starring in the main stage play “The Blue Room” and I’m really excited to see her in action. The international fair is this semester as well as many other exciting events. So lots to do but not enough time to do it… I’ll catch up with you all next week…

Peace & Love


29 January 2009