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final post

Well it’s finally arrived: the final post.  It had to happen eventually.  It’s been a fun ol’ time writing for yall.  Oh the memories we share now.  All the good times we can look back on together.  Lewis and Clark in the past week or so has been a hustle and bustle of frantic students writing final papers and studying for final exams.  I spent 11 hours in the photography studio to finish up my portfolio.  I took my first final exam the other day, and it wasn’t that bad.  Spent a good deal of time in the library the night before preparing, and things went rather smoothly when it was time to take the test.
Classes are over now, which is spectacular!  It was like a tremendous weight had been lifted off of my shoulders at 3:00 today when I got out of my final class.  Oh I never mentioned that I got a job.  I work for the ceramic and sculpture studios.  These are tight places to work.  If you’re in either of the classes and work there you can pretty much do your own work and get paid for it.  I’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately because it’s the end of the term and everyone is firing his or her work.  But like I said, classes are finally over, and all I have left are two finals.
Ill be heading out to Maine in a week, and I am so pumped!  It’s going to be so nice to be back with all my homies.  However I know after a few days back home I’m going to miss all my friends out here.  Regardless spring semester is right around the corner.  I’m signed up for a Wilderness First Responder course with some really awesome kids, so that should be hella fun.  I’ve got a pretty good schedule for next semester as well, so I’ll be looking forward to getting back to school.
Hope you all enjoyed reading what I had to say.
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10 December 2008

Post Thanksgiving, Pre Finals

It has begun: crunch-time here at Lewis & Clark College.  All the shenanigans and buffoonery have halted for the time being… well for the most part, because this week and the next are the last two weeks of classes.  This is both very exciting and very stressful because there are a plethora of papers, lab reports and art projects due within a very short amount of time.  This is the moment in my collegiate life when I say to myself, “Aha!  Maybe procrastination was not the best thing for me,” and/or, “Oh damn!  That Ivy lab report is due tomorrow?!!”  I think in the next few weeks it will be best for me to keep a level head and drink lots of coffee.
On a happier note, last week was Thanksgiving (partially the reason I didn’t post last Wednesday).  I hopped on a plane, and in an hour and a half I was down in sunny San Francisco.  SF is such a sweet city, but compared to Portland it’s a huge wild and crazy city full of new and sometimes frightening things, well in my mind at least.  I met up with my best friend from home Malcolm.  His pop flew out from Maine and cooked us some good ol’ Maine grub.  Sort of.  I also met up with my aunt and uncle who live there and another uncle who is a pilot and was laying over in the city for the holiday.  I had such a good time, but it was nice to come back to Portland. San Francisco, more
Well folks, finals are right around the corner; Oh the papers I’ll write, the exams I’ll take.  I guess this is when the fun really starts.

Lets catch up in a little, shall we?

1 December 2008

A little late.

All quiet on the western front this week.  Last week was pretty relaxed for me academically. I didn’t have any exams or papers due.  On the contrary, this week has been loaded with papers, and tomorrow I have my final biology “midterm.” I don’t know why it’s called a midterm, there are three of them spaced out over the course of the semester.  Either way tomorrow is the last one, I’m pretty pumped about it.  This week has gone by so fast, but I am so looking forward to the weekend.
We are a little past the halfway point of November, which means that I am halfway through no shave November.  My beard is coming in, in little bits here and there.  Many of my comrades who are older are rocking quite exquisite facial hair.  Regardless of my inadequate beard I will continue to participate in the ancient tradition of no shave November.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to shave my chin and cheeks and sport a manly Burt Reynolds mustache. me trying to grow facial hair  This is the one area of my face where hair grows the most; I believe it is due to genetics.  My father has probably the greatest Zappa-like mustache.  I hope someday I will be able to grow a stash to make my father proud.  dad’s stash
Next week is Thanksgiving.  I’m heading down to San Francisco to hang out with my best friend.  The plane ticket I bought was wicked cheep and the flight is only about an hour.  It’s so tight that my best friend lives an hour and $250 away.
Well its getting close to being the end of the semester and the cold is setting in.  The rain has begun to fall every day now and all the leaves have fallen from the trees.  A friend back home said the temperature was pretty much in the 20’s.  I miss the dry bitter cold; this soaking wet cold will need some getting used to.

Until next time.reynoldscar.jpg

21 November 2008

Lazy Week

Not too much happened this week in my blog world.  This week is one of the first in a while that I didn’t have any exams to take or papers due.  Smooth sailing for me… next week however will be very academically stressful.  There will be all sorts of fun papers and exams due next week.  I guess that’s the whole deal with college.
I am a little nervous this week; my flex points are running low.  Flex points are like L&C monopoly money.  You can buy a certain number of flex points when you purchase your meal plan.  You can then spend them on all sorts of things at Maggie’s or the Dovecote.  Maggie’s is a little supermarket/coffee shop.  Its nice to be able to go and grab a burrito and some Kombucha whenever you want—well whenever before midnight.  The Dovecote is a little coffee shop down in the academic part of campus that sells various candies and snacks and coffee as well.  It’s bumpin’ in between classes, everyone’s trying to get some nourishments before their next class.  This week I found out that I’m down to my last few flex points!  This is devastating news for me, this means I will need to start paying in cash for any treats I want. n1479420087_30142155_5013.jpg
I went to a great show this week, that’s right it was the Old Crow Medicine Show.n1479420087_30142087_9056.jpg  Those boys played their hearts out last night!  It had to be one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  It was a great week for me, however next week is only a few days away and its time for me to stop relaxing and begin to study wicked hard!

Until next time.

13 November 2008


Yet another week has gone by.  November is here which mean continuous rain and a slight chill.  All the leaves decided to fall one night while no one was paying attention, and now its kind of dangerous to walk around.  My homeboy Nate took one step onto the bridge over the ravine and went down hard.  It’s only funny because he didn’t get hurt.  I’m on the market for a job at the moment and might apply for a grounds keeping position, which would mean I’d be responsible to clean up all of the leaves.  I’d be up for operating a leaf blower and driving a campus vehicle.
Halloween was pretty fun here at L&C.  There were numerous activities and spooky events on campus.  I attempted to dress up as Mr. Rogers, however my wardrobe lacks kindly older gentlemen apparel.  Nate was wearing spandex… Thats all.  n1273620729_31042806_4553.jpg  n550602177_1584284_3334.jpgIt was a mischievous night full of spooks and such.
The day after Nate and I went into town in search for REI.  We took some wrong turns and wound up quite lost in North West Portland.  I asked a Hotel bellman for directions and realized it was this guy I had worked with four years ago in Maine.  It was such a coincidence to find a past friend working on a random street in Portland, Oregon.n1273620729_31042851_7027.jpg
One more thing I forgot to mention about this month: its No Shave November.  This is a chance to prove your ability to grow facial hair.  My scraggly scruff is coming in quite splotchy.  I look a little gross and my chin itches from time to time, but I feel so good, so manly.

Big exam tomorrow, so Ill see yall next week.

6 November 2008