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Utopias/Distopias class outside at Albany QuadrangleApril is unnecessarily cruel. It knows that students are staggering under the weight of final projects, papers, presentations, and exams, so what does it do? Taunts us. With a succession of incredibly lovely days. Just try to nestle yourself in a corner of the library on a day that is sunny, hovering around mid-70s, with gentle refreshing breezes, with a sky bluer than… y’know, really blue things. Just try.

Andi Zeisler, co-founder/co-editor of B*tch Magazine, discussing feminism and popular culture with students at a special lunchOn Friday I attended a special brownbag lunch in Albany. Andi Zeisler, co-editor and co-founder of B*tch Magazine, talked to a room full of gender-interested students about popular culture and feminism. Now I’m all sorts of excited to read Andi’s new book over summer break.

Ali looking at the Senior Art Exhibition on campusAli and I spent far too long in Hoffman Gallery staring in awe at the senior art exhibition installations. Seriously quality stuff in there. We have a lot of art majors this year, and they all outdid themselves. Wow.

one of the installations at the Senior Art Exhibition. It’s made entirely of plastic straws!On Friday and Saturday I packed in more hours of work for the Admissions Office than I did for the entire month of March. Seriously. I even ran a couple of residence hall tours, which I intentionally did not sign up for this year since last year it was kind of a fiasco for me. Luckily, all of my tours went smoothly on Saturday. I even got to talk to an admitted student who had me as her tour guide when she visited campus as a junior last spring. She recognized me even though my hair isn’t violet like it was a year ago.

another art installation at the senior art exhibitionAlthough I managed to fit a little bit of studying into the chinks around Sunday, I didn’t get as much done as intended. Sunday evening was the housing lotteries. As an RA-to-be, I helped facilitate next year’s room selection for all of my future Apartzfeld residents. It took our RA team four hours to place 250 students, which is probably some sort of speed record. We should win a medal. My room is in Hartzfeld B wing, and the vast majority of my residents fell on the continuum of thrilled to satisfied with their housing situations for next year. I am totally stoked about the batch of students who will be my neighbours come fall.

Kenna took this picture of meI’m all registered for classes for next year! I’m set to take Anthropology of the Body; Spanish 201 taught by Matthieu; Women’s Self-Defense; and I’m waitlisted for Astronomy (which fulfills my category B math/science graduation requirement), but I’m pretty confident Tufte will let me in since I hear he’s a chill dude. Co-Chairing the Gender Studies Symposium is an extra two credits per semester too, so I’ll actually be taking a full load (16 credits) in fall.

This is the photo I submitted to the World Traveler contest that won an awardI found out today that a photograph I submitted to the LC Interactive Learning Center’s World Traveler contest actually won a prize! Sweet! Now I have to figure out whom to give my iTunes giftcard to. My hard drive regularly tantrums at me about being completely full, so I don’t think buying it mp3s is the best way to placate it.

Mt Hood as seen from my dorm room window during sunsetOn Monday I took a drastic step in order to finish my homework: I yanked my internet. Completely unplugged. By 2am, I had written a ten-page rough draft of my Qual Methods ethnography, read the entire second half of a hefty novel for Utopias/Distopias, drawn a picture, met with my self-designing major advisor, called my mom, and listened to my collection of Rodrigo y Gabriela so many times through that I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d dreamt in flamenco guitar and nothing else once I finally went to bed.

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s!Getting so much done on Monday meant I had Tuesday completely free (except for my three classes, all of which were held outside – Welcome to my skin, sunburn. You’re not really wanted here, so if you could not unpack your bags, just pass through and keep your antipathy to yourself, that’d be great. Love, Maisha.). Point being, when Kenna and Margo proposed a trip downtown for Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, I seized the opportunity with both hands. I got a derrrricious bowl of marrionberry sorbet.

I really think that sorbet should be considered as a way to solve the world’s problems.

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22 April 2009