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I killed the NYTimes crossword today.

The last month of school has been such a roller coaster in virtually every respect. I feel like a small child trying to hold on to a wily kite on a high wind as all my energy, thoughts, and plans are propelled toward the summer and next term. Yet, here I am- still in the midst of final projects and tying up loose ends of this semester. MUST. STAY. FOCUSED.

Many wonderful things have happened in the meantime. I shall try to be concise in my recollection of them:

1. Sunburn

Sunburn-the annual music fest put on by LC’s radio station- was a grand success. This year, the kids at KLC worked harder than ever, partnering with LCMC (Lewis & Clark Music Coalition, another student group on campus that organizes shows) to raise more funds and thus bring more bands and more publicity to the show. I couldn’t believe the company I was in all day, rushing water bottles back and forth and muling bands’ equipment from place to place. The highlights for me were Stag Bitten, a female-fronted punk threesome from Portland. They were such nice, down-to-earth people, and had incredible energy when they performed. I also loved Experimental Dental School, a girl-on-drums-boy-on-guitar duo from Portland whose sound is in the vein of Deerhoof. They have an entire album for free to download on their website, so check them out. Another band to keep an eye on was The Whines, a three-piece 90’s-ish bad-A pillar of rock’n'roll angst. Finally, it was an honor to be able to watch, let alone get up close and personal, with Pierced Arrows, a band comprised of three members- two of which used to make up the majority of the legendary punk rock Portland native, Dead Moon. It was an exhausting but extremely memorable day. You will all have to make it next year for Sunburn ‘10!

2. Classes

I have registered for my Fall term classes and I am so excited for it to come now! On the agenda: French 201, Culture and Power in the Middle East, American Novel Now, Gender and Sexuality in the US, and Yoga! I have also officially declared my major in Sociology/Anthropology in light of the fact that I am planning to be the SAAB representative for the So/An department next year! This means that I will sit on a board of 12 (?) other students who review proposals by other students for research grants. SAAB presents students with an amazing opportunity as undergrads to go out on the field and put the things they’ve been learning about  to practice- without the limitation of lack of funding. It’s really exciting to be able to hear about some of the amazing things LC students are doing, and to be able to support that.

3. Campus Life

Yesterday, my future room mate (my dear friend Hanna, who takes many of the amazing photographs I post on here) and I went to the circus that was the housing lottery. We have decided to reside in Forest Hall, in Upper Alder 204 with a lovely view of the forest on south campus! I am overjoyed because nearly the entire floor is occupied by friends of ours- except for a few rooms that are reserved for freshman. Perhaps we shall be neighbors?


Over the weekend, my friends Lauren and Hayley played a show (as their band Cindergarden) with Portland’s Wampire in KLC. Good times were had by all. Also, we turned it into a costume party, the theme being “domesticated animals”. I was an ostrich. This past weekend was also Admitted Students weekend and I’m sure I saw many of you about campus. Summer is fast approaching… I am filled with anticipation.

Bonne chance to all, and thanks to those of you who have emailed me. I am happy to answer your questions about the school as best as I can. If you feel so inclined, shoot me an email about nationally celebrated holidays unrecognized by the federal government, your experience on campus if you visited over the weekend, or anything else that suits your fancy.

20 April 2009