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Soo Why LC???

So remember when I said I would be crying this week because of the amount of work I have to complete… Well although those tears haven’t made there way down my face as yet, I’m pretty sure  by tomorrow afternoon my eyes will be all puffy lol….. The one thing I dread about classes are presentations. I get too nervous and I stutter and once I’ve lost my train of thought I start to blabber and say things that make absolutely no sense. Well “luckily”, I have a presentation on Friday (that I haven’t started preparing for as yet he  he) and I have a midterm tomorrow…. The joys of college.. I know..At least for the presentation I have my other group members so the work isn’t entirely on me and for my test tomorrow my friends are going to be studying all night!!! So with the help of others I might just succeed. This week I’ve compiled a list/ my top ten reasons for attending LC… I thought they may be helpful for you all since I know this is the crucial decision making period for L&C…. I’ll list my top 10 reasons and hopefully you’ll see why it is such a great school. Hopefully you haven’t heard all of these before…… Oh if you would like to email me.. I received a few last semester but none this year… Please email me any questions at all… I like reading emails they make me happy for some reason lol… Oh and Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted to Lewis and Clark!!

In no particular order………

1.       I GO HERE!!!! YAY ME =)

2.       Liberal Arts= Helpful to those who are unsure about what they want to do as a career… Already picked one?? So did I before I came here, but studying different fields while getting my degree in Communications has been extremely interesting…. Doing the same thing all the time is BORING!!

3.       Approximately 70% of Lewis & Clark Students receive some form of Financial Aid… In addition to that after your freshman year you can apply for tons of scholarships that the school has to offer.

4.       THE CITY PORTLAND!!! It’s not only just a gorgeous campus but it’s also in a fantastic city. Portland has something to offer for everyone…. one of my favourites.. their restaurants… Great for dates (Not that I would know) lol…

5.       The People: Ok this is my story… I felt at home as soon as I stepped foot on this campus for the first time… Everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE was so hospitable.. At first I thought it was an orientation thing.. but no they really are like that in real life… Also everyone’s so different here you’re bound to find a group of friends that who you’ll probably be calling your family for the next 4 years.

6.       State schools start all the way in September and take too much time out of the summer… Plus Winter Break is shorter… Uhmm need I say more??

7.       The small classes…Honestly one of my favourite things about LC… Although yes it is true you can rarely skip classes for most courses.. You’re not just a number here you’re your own person.. Which to me makes an enormous difference and is especially helpful in terms of discussions and trust me that is something we all need to know for the working world.

8.       51 countries are represented at Lewis and Clark. We’re like one big melting pot J

9.       Overseas Programs… I’m going to Australia in the Spring of 2010… and I never thought I would be able to say that….

10.   Because at Lewis & Clark you can be you and not worry about it!!!

15 April 2009