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Hello, Spring!

This weekend was one of the greatest weekends of the semester, but it was also filled with many ups and downs. I’ll start (as I tend to do) with a discussion of the weather. On Saturday we had our race on our “home” course of Vancouver Lake, yet we were delayed for two hours by some intense fog. It was so thick that when standing on the beach, the whole lake was obscured starting about 10 feet in front of your face. Eventually things cleared up and the regatta was off with a bang. And then Mother Nature pulled out all the stops and we were bathed in beautiful sunshine and flat water for most of the day. I actually got a sunburn, if you can believe that!

On the rowing front there were some impressive highlights during the course of the day, but I personally take pride in the Women’s Varsity Four race. We beat a fast Division II team in both the heat and the final and it felt so fabulous to clinch that win being somewhat of the underdog. It got me really excited for future races in that boat. This weekend we head down to Eugene for a regatta that is forecasted to be cold and rainy, but I’m looking forward to some more quality racing nonetheless.

Yesterday I had an unexpected day of rest as my one class was cancelled due to a philosophy conference. I spent all day relaxing, reading for Thursday’s classes, and watching TV. Sometimes it’s a much needed break, especially as we’re winding down into crunch time. My poor roommate woke up sick today and I’m really hoping that she gets better soon because it’s really hard to be sick at the end of a semester. I also hope she doesn’t pass it to me! As for finals, I’m still not too worried, but it’s getting to the point where all my papers are starting to form a pile in front of me. 

There are also two SAAC events this month that should be great successes. The first I’m currently working on with my co-chair, it’s a community outreach program at the local grade school. We’re planning on taking L&C student-athletes down the hill next Wednesday to spend PE class time playing games with the kids. I think everyone involved will have alot of fun at this event! SAAC is also planning a tournament of “Pio Pong” during one of our reading days. Essentially it is a single elimination tournament styled like the popular game of beer pong but played with sports drinks. The whole day if focused on promoting healthy living, so we’re also bringing in a speaker to talk about making healthy and smart decisions. Not only is it going to be very valuable information to hear, it’s going to be an exciting event with a positive and fun spin on healthy lifestyles.

That’s all for now - off to choir rehearsal! We’re really getting into the nitty gritty of these Brahms pieces, and it’s sounding awesome.

Until later,

9 April 2009