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What is this “tan” you speak of?

Dearest friends,

I’m back! And I’ve had to hit the ground running. I was so glad to go home to California over spring break and recuperate, swimming and making meals with my two best friends, laughing a lot, and crafting with my mom, all the while in divine 70 degree California weather away from the cold rainy grayness I left behind in PDX. Taking the train along the coast was an experience, indeed, and I feel that if I were to make the trip again I would be able to come more prepared. For example, you don’t know until you’re actually on the train that you will be stuck in a car with an entire high school marching band on their way to Disneyland and a group of forty middle schoolers on a science trip for the next 27 hours. Anyway, not that I’m back I must say it’s amazing that a) there are only about three more weeks of the school year left and b) that I have more work now than probably throughout the entire semester. Even though I won’t have finals in all of my classes, my life is pretty much entirely consumed with two huge research projects in my Qualitative Research Methods course, and Exploration and Discovery course. I am trying to maintain my breathing and not have a mental breakdown. We had a couple of absolutely gorgeous sunny days this week which made it nearly impossible to focus, as everyone forewent holing up in the library annotating our research to bask in the sun and picnic on South Campus, skirts, shorts, and lots of pasty Oregon flesh abounding. A little vitamin D is probably good for balancing my stress level anyhow… right?

In between all the hectic tying up of the semester’s countless loose ends, we LC kids still manage to make the most of our young lives here in PDX. This past weekend was filled with music music music. Sometimes, when life is gray, one needs to bring a little color in unexpected places- such as your face. One night, inspired by the sounds of Ziggy Stardust and a wonderfully ambiguous late 80’s era song called “We Care a Lot”, we decided it would be fun to paint each other’s faces like creatures from space. Here are some pictures of that: 2657_175212575436_743660436_6432242_5637530_n.jpg2657_175212605436_743660436_6432248_2326805_n.jpg2657_175212650436_743660436_6432255_1333414_n.jpg
The next night, we ventured out near Reed College to a house show in South East PDX to see my friends’ band, ‘bird announced land’, play with another great Portland act called ‘Church’. bird announced land, fronted by Yvonne l_413e4b33d21295c18d8e2884ebedfa66.jpgwho offers sweet vocals comparable to those of Jolie Holland, showcases the digs of some of LC’s most talented musicians. Church offers beautiful three-part male harmonies, driving duel drums and a plethora of crazyweird keyboards/gadgets. The crowd at the show was really supportive and we had a great time- although we missed the bus that night and ended up having to take a taxi back across the bridge to LC. Be sure to check out both these bands’ music! l_216a6b414a5e4df8ad8d0284867da814.jpgAwesome people and awesome tunes. and

sunburncolorflierlow-1.jpgComing soon to an LC campus near you! This Saturday, KLC (LC’s radio station if you haven’t already learned from my previous posts) is hosting its annual music festival, Sunburn. Twenty-three bands from far, wide, and right here in PDX will be coming to blow the minds of LC, PSU, and Reed students, and anyone in the community willing to pay $5 to get in. I am on the festival crew, and will have VIP access to all the bands, so hopefully I will be able to bring you not only news of how awesome the festival was, but perhaps also some funny backstage anecdotes. Stay tuned for that. Also, if any of you are visiting this coming Friday, be sure to stick around campus to see my friends’ band, Cindergarten, play with Portland’s own Wampire in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel at 8pm. It’s gonna be rockin’.

Keep the rock alive, kids, and shoot me an email about your Emergen-C ingestion methods preference, why you suppose it’s so hard to remember how to correctly cite references no matter how many papers you write, or if you happened to see me during your campus tour!

8 April 2009