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dscn5822.JPGIt’s quite amusing how the existence of sun in Portland makes my day 100 times better than it was before. Any frown is quickly replaced with a smile at the sight of clear skies and blooming flowers. And fortunately this is how my entire week has been so far. Jamba Juice, ice-cream (mainly butter brickle) and popsicles have easily removed the urge for soups, tea, cocoa and well classes. dscn5819.JPG

Although finals are definitely right around the corner and next week will probably be my hardest week of school to date… I have been basking in the sun, skipping around like a giddy school girl and uhmm avoiding work… but that doesn’t mean that this kind of negligence is acceptable because indeed it is not.  dscn5850.JPG

However, I do think it is necessary to have at least one week where I can at least breathe. Luckily, this semester I only have two finals but a lot of other course work to complete before the finals period; so before I begin to stress and relocate to the library I decided to relax. It will all come to an end when the weather becomes a bit dreary tomorrow but every moment wasted was worth it.  (I say this now wait until next week for a follow up of me crying). dscn5853.JPG

 A lot of the professor’s here like to share in the delight of the sunlight with their students.Yesterday I had my dance class outside and as you can imagine it was extremely awkward at first but once you ignore the people around you and focus on the intent… it becomes a very satisfying experience.dscn5858.JPG

I’ve seen a bunch of “prospies” on campus this past week and I always think it’s the cutest thing ever. It brings back memories to my freshman year; I never had the opportunity to visit the campus beforehand but I saw the delight and intrigue in these students faces, the same emotion I felt when I saw the campus for the first time.dscn5873.JPG

Over the weekend, I took probably a bunch of pictures of the campus, little details that I had never noticed before.. I went downtown and just walked around pioneer square… and thankfully only spent $11.00, which is an all time record for Talitha Morrison. I also went to LC’s LUAU… The Luau is the oldest campus event hosted by the Hawaiian club here. I really enjoyed it, this year more than last. Shoutout to Lisa… Girl can shake hehe… As for the Haka (youtube haka ) .. 6.jpg

Well I’m signing off for this week… There’s a lot more sun to enjoy… So I think it is definitely a necessity that I go outside and enjoy it. Until next week.. Stay safe…..dscf1514.JPG

Peace & Love


8 April 2009