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buck up and take on some democracy

my desk spaceI’m in full-on School Mode. This is the week right before Spring Break, so I’ve got midterms, last-minute papers, like eight interviews to conduct, and just generally a lot to do before that last push through April. The AIDS Summit, which is my baby, is fast approaching, and I’m increasingly spending my dinnertime meeting with other students to bang out the details. Gabe and I are also working with David, the Forest Complex RD and Unisex Advisor, to restructure Unisex for next year so that it’ll be more manageable. Unisex has had its teenage anarchy phase, but it’s time for it to buck up and take on some democracy.

rainbow!The remainder of the Gender Studies Symposium was excellent, and I’ve already got some ideas for next year’s GSS. I’m also applying to be a Co-Chair, which is so much work that the school awards a full four credits for it. Kim Brodkin, the head of the GSS and one of my favourite professors, has assured me that it’s quite possible to Co-Chair, be an RA, work two jobs on campus, and still pull decent grades in classes. However, if I end up Co-Chairing, I will probably cut my classload down to three academic classes next year, at least for spring semester.

emergeYesterday, I met with Administration folks and student representatives from all three campuses to discuss the transgender health care initiative. You can read the piece I wrote for the PioLog, our student newspaper, here. In general, I have received a lot of positive response from students in regards to adding trans care to the student health care plan. The Administration hasn’t reached a decision yet (we thought they would by the end of yesterday’s meeting), so we’re on tenterhooks waiting to hear the outcome. I am pretty optimistic, though!

it’s what I do during classToday Lewis & Clark is hosting a “reverse strike” on the Portland Public Transportation system (TriMet). The College is dispensing free TriMet passes to students and staff so that we can overwhelm the TriMet system. The Raz (the free student shuttle) is not running today, so if we want to get off campus, we have to use TriMet. The point of the reverse strike is to convince TriMet to run a line from campus directly to downtown. It would replace our costly and environmentally inefficient Raz, and provide much-needed funds for TriMet because the College plans to purchase passes for every single student, staff, and faculty member.

I have a midterm exam in an hour and a half, I’m doing a frantic load of laundry because I woke up this morning to discover zero pairs of underwear in my drawers, and I’m leaving for the Alternative Spring Break HIV/AIDS Volunteerwork trip to San Francisco early Saturday morning!

In two weeks, we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday interesting blog entries riddled with too many photographs. In the meantime, launch all those hot questions to

18 March 2009