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…and counting! The days are just flying by as we finish up our last week before spring break. It has been a flurry of tests and papers, and though I’m not quite done with it all I can still feel things wrapping up. The only items left on my “To Do” list are a presentation on Friday and a paper that I will finish on the train ride home. Soon I get to spend a relaxing weekend at home and in Seattle before I head back down to sunny Portland and crew practice over the break. Sadly, our bad weather luck ended up cancelling our dual race against Willamette University, so our first official race will take place in Tacoma, WA on the last Saturday of the break. Though there is alot to be done in the next couple of days/week, the sunshine was out today and it always puts me in a more positive frame of mind about things.

Because of schoolwork piling up, I’ve been keeping my free time relatively low key this past week or so. Every minute that’s not scheduled is time for me to take a deep breath and relax. Though the work has increased, my classes are still as enjoyable as always. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the atmosphere of my Rock and Roll Novel class and find myself speaking my opinion more often. I had a really positive meeting with the professor today as well, so things are going well. I now wish I had time to add an English minor onto my philosophy major, but with only one semester left on campus that’s basically impossible. That to me is a perfect example as to why the whole liberal arts education can be a fantastic idea. In scheduling yourself with a wide scope of different classes, there is bound to be one department or professor that surprises you. It’s also nice to find that my academic interests aren’t as narrow as I was beginning to believe they were.

The Women’s Ensemble is learning four songs by Brahms, and with that comes some interesting language lessons. German is not a language that I have any particular adoration for, yet I’ve decided that it’s fun to learn it in a musical context. Our concert is coming toward the end of April and the pieces are really beginning to fit together in our rehearsals. From what we’ve got so far, I can tell that with a bit more polish these songs are going to be somewhat epic.

I’m now off to bed so that I am rested for my 5:30am wake up and practice. As always, don’t hesitate to send any questions or comments my way at:

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18 March 2009