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It’s laundry day!

Beautiful sunny skies¬†in Portland today, but unfortunately a bit breezy and chilly. Mt. Hood is an epic sight on days like these. It’s been awkwardly snowing off and on this last week, but I’m holding out for March 20th. I think it should be a natural law that once we hit the first day of spring it’s not allowed to snow anymore. Ok ok, I know it’s unrealistic with¬†living in the Pacific NW and all, but I can always have hope right?

I didn’t post last week because I literally had nothing to say. Sometimes everything in life aligns just right so that you have the most boring week of monotony ever, and that seems to be the case for me recently. But to make up for that, I did have a fabulous end of the week/weekend! It was Parents Weekend, and though my family didn’t come down, it was still fun to see everyone with their parents. Some people look so much like their mom or dad it’s shocking. I also saw quite a few grandparents!! One of the events of the weekend was an a cappella concert featuring The Merry Weathers and Section Line Drive. I’m always very impressed by the talents in our singing groups, and by the talent at our school as a whole! I haven’t made it to one yet, but last year I attended quite a few Open Mic Nights and was blown away with what I saw and heard.

Also this weekend, I had some quality friend time. On Saturday night I found myself in the Forest complex having a dance party with friends. I have to admit that it was one of the best nights I’ve had with them in a while, and we all discovered my roommate’s insane knowledge of 90’s pop music to be the highlight of the evening. It was definitely a nice way to relax as papers are beginning to pile up again. I’ve always found “midterms” to be an odd concept in that they happen at different times for different people, and everyone tends to have more than one round of them. Apparently the term “test” isn’t foreboding enough these days.

Crew practice has been going really well (albeit quite cold), and despite an intense fog on Friday our time on the water is feeling very solid. Things are really coming together nicely, but I can tell people are getting antsy for racing to start. This Saturday will be our first competitive test of the season as we dual Willamette University at our home racecourse of Vancouver Lake. If anyone is in the area that morning, they should come check us out!

Spring break is coming soon and I think everyone on campus is looking forward to this. The crew team has the first three days off as a mini-break before we come back and have two-a-days and another race on the 28th in Tacoma. While I’m planning on heading back up to Seattle for the first weekend, our men’s crew team is planning a three day canoe trip down the Willamette River from Eugene to Portland. Should be an exciting adventure…talk about some team bonding!

That’s all for now! Like my subject says, it’s laundry day today and I have to go get my clean sheets out of the dryer…

Until later,

11 March 2009