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I just love a good documentary.

Something rather incredible happened tonight.  I had my radio show, as usual on Wednesday nights from 6-7 at This week is the Gender Studies Symposium, and on the way into the station, I walked past a room in which all the featured speakers were having dinner. I happened to zero in on Andrea Gibson, a spoken word artist I have seen perform a few times and love. While doing my show, I decided to honor her presence on our campus by playing one of her pieces. My friend and co-host, Logan, decided to go upstairs and see if she could catch Andrea just to tell her for the both of us how much we love her poems and to thank her for coming to the symposium. Meanwhile, I played some Mirah, some Tender Forever, and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs single, waiting for Logan to return with the scoop for the talk section of our show. When Logan returned, however, she did not return alone. No no no- she had brought Andrea and her crew of other slam poets- dubbed Salt Line- with her! There in the KLC studio, the bad@$$ gals delivered an impromptu in-studio performance, followed by a performance of an original song by fellow student Kelsey Morris. The Salt Line ladies are on tour and are performing at Reed tomorrow night. They were so down-to-earth and really encouraging. BEST RADIO SHOW EVER! I called my sister to tune in, and she so sweetly informed me afterward that she could tell how excited I was based on my exponential frequency of my use of the word “awesome” throughout the show…

The rest of the week holds some interesting prospects: I am planning to attend a few of the Gender Studies Symposium events including a panel titled “Targets of Police Violence: Women and Transgendered Individual” and a workshop facilitated by one of my classmates called “Consent is Sexy! Creating a Culture of Consent in Your Community.” The event I am most excited for, though, is a performance by Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu on Friday night! I will be sure to take pictures to post next week.

Speaking of performances and taking pictures for next week,  I will be playing a show tomorrow night with my band, The Internet, at the Co-op with three other on-campus bands. I’ve been sick for the past week, so hopefully I don’t destroy my voice or the reputation of my band. Shows like these happen pretty frequently amongst the very active music-loving community of LC and they are almost always a lot of fun. As I said- hopefully someone will help me document it for next week’s post!

Stay well, folks. And email me any old time about how you gender-identify, the genius of putting nutella on banana bread,  or the uncensored fun that radio that streams on the internet allows.

11 March 2009