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It’s SUNNY today… yayyy.. Still a bit chilly but sunny nonetheless and it’s been the bright spark to my day; especially since earlier this week we were experiencing really weird Portland weather. A friend of mine from Eugene always says “if you don’t like the weather in Portland, just wait 20 minutes.” And trust me we definitely got a taste of everything. dscn5662.JPGdscn5665.JPG

Last week was without a doubt one of my more challenging weeks this spring. Two midterms, 2 papers and I was SICK…. I know may seem like I’m always sick… well I’m not haha.. I just have a really sucky immune system. However, I am feeling much better this week, I only have a slight cough and Spring Break is almost here. Extremely excited for that!!! dscn5668.JPG

On top of my busy academic schedule I had to somehow fit my roommates play into my week and I’m glad I did. “The Blue Room” is probably one of my favourite productions that I’ve had the chance to go see at LC so far. No it is my favourite… Kemi  (my roommate) played the role of the “Politician’s wife” and she did an EXCELLENT job. This was my first time seeing her perform and I felt like a proud mama. I wanted to scream that’s MY FRIEND!!! Overall the play was fantastic the actors did a great job at maintaining the story line and projecting it to the audience. Unfortunately I was unable to take photos of the show but if by any chance you’re in Portland, and in the LC area it will still be showing until Saturday. dscn5672.JPG

Another event that I attended this past week was the International Fair. This is an annual event hosted by ISLC (International Students of Lewis & Clark), where the different regions of the world that are represented at LC get to I really enjoy the concert part of the international fair the most, since it showcases so much hidden talent within LC and you learn so much more about one person’s culture through an activity as minute as a dance. I have pictures up for you to see… enjoy… dscn5695.JPG

I have an 8 page paper to write..dscn5696.JPG


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11 March 2009