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launch a fireball case

postcard wallBeing a college student produces this strange phenomenon whereby receiving anything in your mailbox is indecently thrilling. (I almost get excited about bills, even.) To encourage my mailbox to surprise me more often, I’m part of an international postcard exchange project called PostCrossing. Last week I got postcards from Germany, Ukraine, Los Angeles, and Finland. I also literally parked myself in front of my mailbox on Monday in anticipation of receiving my RA (Resident Assistant) notification letter – and yay! I got hired to Hartzfeld! That means that next year, I’ll have my own bathtub. Hartzfeld is on-campus suite-style living, although as an RA I’ll be in a single room.

pink bike downtownThe Oscars – which I only saw the last 15 minutes of – triggered my enthusiasm to see Slumdog Millionaire. So on Wednesday night, Kenna and I abandoned our homework in favour of an excursion to Fox Tower Theatre downtown. The cinematography was incredible and I need to track down the soundtrack, but I felt like Latika, the leading female character, could have used a lot more development and a lot less damsel-in-distress tokenization. Overall, I liked the movie very much. It’s got a solid plot and an engagingly anachronistic structure, and I wanted to keep all of the adorable children.

Portland Coffee HouseMy classmate Rina and I met with Robyn, a student from OutLaw (the Lewis & Clark Law School Gay-Straight Alliance), at Portland Coffee House on Sunday. We are fusing forces to snap transgender health care coverage to the regular student health care plan. The change would add a nearly negligible $10 per semester to every student’s health care premium, but it would enable transgender students to have access to treatments that would otherwise cost them a minimum of $20,000. We are currently gathering student support so that we can launch a fireball case to the Administration later this week. Getting this approved would catapult Lewis & Clark onto the forefront of the transgender rights movement.

On Saturday night, a bunch of friends and I went dancing at The Escape, Portland’s all-ages nightclub. It was super good fun, and we caught the last shuttle at 2am back to campus exhausted and happy.

Shayna surveyingOn Monday, Shayna and I planted ourselves in Pioneer Square to interview Portlanders about “Portland Life” for our Qual Methods class. The questions were really basic, and we interviewed twice as many people as we were required to because the next Raz would not arrive for an hour. The sky dripped on us.

Ali and I are leading our Racism & Privilege class this week. Rather than structure a discussion revolving around scholarly readings, we decided to mix it up a bit. We are having our classmates listen and respond to a performance poem called “See-Through” by my favourite Slam Poet, Andrea Gibson. We have to be careful around such sensitive subject matter, so Ali and I have pasted disclaimers and warnings all over the curriculum we’ve arranged for this week.

tartletThis is one of the most delicious things the Bon (that’s our dining hall’s nickname) has ever made. Chocolate raspberry tartlets. I ate like six at dinner today.

I forecast a crazy entry next week, given all the events that are scheduled to blow through campus. In the meantime, email me any questions, introductions, and conclusions at And if you visit campus and see me galloping around, rein me in and say hello.

4 March 2009